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About Us:
The Camp Emmanuel Association, Inc.


Camp Emmanuel was founded in 1946 under the leadership of Vern Stuber and the Emmanuel Fellowship Church, and up until 1999, owned its own campgrounds near Bunker Hill, Indiana. Beginning in 1999, Camp Emmanuel decided to lease the facilities at Sangralea Valley Camp, near Onward, Indiana.


The Sangralea Valley facility is a spacious camp featuring modern dormitories, various athletic fields, game rooms, several kitchens, woods, and a natural outdoor amphitheater.


The primary purpose of Camp Emmanuel is "...that the campers will be strengthened in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and their knowledge of His Word, the Bible, and will be encouraged by the leaders, counselors, and other campers to live faithfully for Jesus Christ."

Of course, we frequently share the Gospel so that any campers who do not yet know the Lord are encouraged to establish a relationship with Him. Kids at Camp Emmanuel receive much Bible instruction. And we certainly want the campers to have a good time as well.


Camp Emmanuel is a conservative, Bible-oriented camp that holds to the fundamentals of the evangelical faith. Instructors teach positions similar to those of the Moody Bible Institute or Grace Seminary, such as eternal security and salvation by grace.

Structure and Financial Support

Camp Emmanuel is financed through the gifts of individuals and churches. The "official" churches who provide representatives to the camp council (the camp's governing body) are all located in Indiana. They include the following:

  • Bourbon Bible Church (Bourbon),
  • First Community Church (Matthews),
  • Harrison Center Church (Etna Green),
  • Highland Park Church (Kokomo),
  • Lockport Church (Burnettsville),
  • Riverview Community Church (Tippecanoe),
  • Tippecanoe Community Church (Tippecanoe),
  • Whippoorwill Community Church (Rochester).

The camp churches take turns providing cooks and food for the campers as well as camp supplies. In addition, they contribute toward camp costs, making Camp Emmanuel FREE to the campers.

Who May Participate in Camp and When Is It?

Senior Camp (ages 13 through high school) usually meets the week after the Fourth of July, while Junior Camp (ages 9-12) usually meets the week after Senior Camp. Yearly schedules do vary, so please inquire for current information.

Participating in Camp Emmanuel is a privilege that must be earned. In order to qualify to attend Camp Emmanuel the camper must: 

  • have attended church 6 of the 8 Sundays previous to camp;
  • have memorized the "Roman's Road" Bible verses (Romans 3:10, 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9, and 10:13);
  • have completed the camp registration application, with a recommendation signed by one of the pastors of the supporting churches. Included in the registration is an agreement to follow camp regulations. The application MUST be mailed in before the deadline.

Campers who are involved in another church besides one of the official camp churches may make arrangements by contacting a pastor of one of the participating churches.

For further information about camp, you may visit the Camp Emmanuel site (not an HPC site) or call Highland Park Church at (765) 452-1779.

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