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About Us:
A Brief History of Highland Park Church

Highland Park Church was incorporated on January 4, 1949, by a group of about 130 folks who split from a mainline church. The church was committed to conservative Biblical faith from its inception.

The church was named "Highland Park Church" because the fellowship's original intent was to purchase property near Highland Park and construct its building there. Zoning problems thwarted the original plan, but the members wanted to retain the name of the church despite its location nearer to Foster Park.

That same year, 1949, the church bought the "Conradt Mansion," a beautiful World War I vintage mansion at 516 West Sycamore. They converted the first floor to a chapel. The basement, originally a wine cellar, became the fellowship hall. The third floor had been built originally as a ballroom, but, along with the second floor, was turned into the pastor's family quarters.

In 1954, the main auditorium was constructed. It was added onto the mansion structure in such a way that the building appears to be one structure. In 1956, the church purchased the house at 502 West Sycamore for a parsonage.

The church reached its high mark numerically in the early 1960s, averaging just shy of 200 in the morning service. Its emphasis was foreign missions. A decline began in 1963 and continued for over twenty years. By the time our current Senior Pastor, Ed Vasicek, began his duties in late 1983, attendance was averaging in the 70s. The church was filled with older folk; only two couples could be labeled young adults.  We now averages over 200 between the morning services.

We have added many new ministries over the years: three age levels of children's church, Awana, Bible Clubs, children's choir, home flock groups, prayer chain, library and the tabernacle replica ministry. Our music ministry is one highlight of our fellowship. We are proud that three families from our church have been called to the Mission Field, and another family to the pastorate.

Our mission—to reach people with the Gospel, to connect believers to one another and to God, and to deepen believers—provides us with a pin-pointed direction. We are attempting to improve on all fronts, utilizing every attender as he or she is gifted and able. We are excited and positive about our future!

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Highland Park Church
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