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How To Become a Member of Highland Park Church
by Ed Vasicek

Becoming a member of Highland Park Church is not complicated, but it is significant. By becoming a member, you choose to identify our congregation as YOUR church, you place yourself under the care of our elders and pastor, and you can vote on matters brought before the congregation. Membership makes the task of the elders easier: it helps us identify those who intend to settle into the church from those who are undecided or wish to merely attend.

To become a member, we expect the following: 

  1. that you are saved and have a simple testimony and understanding of salvation.

  2. that you have read the constitution (usually available on the counter in the foyer) and generally agree with it. (If you have serious trouble with a particular article, please bring that up to an elder when you talk matters over.)

Then you need to share your understanding of salvation with any elder. (The pastor is also considered an elder. For a list of elders, see the bulletin board in the foyer or page three of our phone directories.) If the elder is satisfied with your testimony and if you don't have any major problems with our constitution, he may then recommend you to our elders' board for membership.  It's that simple.

We do not require our members to meet certain quotas for contributions.  Also note this: If your name is on the membership roll of another church, please put a note in the pastor's box. We can send them a letter informing them of the change in membership, if you so desire.

We do not "transfer" memberships because we want to be sure our members profess to be saved by faith in Jesus Christ. 

Let me encourage you to officially join our church if you feel God wants you here at Highland Park.

Membership Application (212 KB PDF)

Pastor Ed

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