Highland Park Church (Kokomo.IN.USA)A Church Where You Can Grow. Reach. Connect. Deepen.

About Us:
Ministry Approach

Church Size We average over 200 folks between our morning services.
Church Mission The mission of Highland Park Church is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, connect believers with one another and God, and deepen them in their Christian walk.

What kind of person would be happy at Highland Park Church?

When it comes to fitting into a church, some folks fit our church like a glove. Others find us the "least worst choice" with others in-between. Although we certainly welcome anyone seeking to know and follow the Lord, typical Highland Park Church folks have some of the following characteristics:

  • willing to use their minds for God

  • not into pretending, concealing true selves, or legalism

  • are committed to knowing and serving Jesus Christ!

  • want to align their lives with the Word of God

  • dislike high-pressure, pulpit-pounding approaches, guilt manipulation

  • tolerant of various styles of Christian music

  • value both our Christian heritage and modern methodology

  • concerned more about substance (content/follow through/depth) than image (appearance or superficiality)

  • looking to be involved in ministry

  • fascinated with the Bible, serious about studying it

  • respect for human life from conception to the grave

  • comfortable with folks of differing ages, incomes, races, or cultures

  • belief in absolute truth/willing to stand for convictions

  • comfortable with selves, know how to enjoy life

Some unique focuses of Highland Park Church:

  • understanding and appreciating the Jewish roots of Christianity

  • balanced treatment of both Old and New Testaments, exposition

  • doctrinal and practical teaching from the Word

  • creative evangelism

  • genuine concern for foreign missions and the world

  • a "connecting" approach to church that includes preaching, sharing, drama, and worship through music and prayer

  • teaching that aims for maturity by stretching the soul and the mind

  • personal "one on one" discipleship opportunities opportunities for wholesome fellowship, socializing, and fun (cooking contests, fun nights, etc.)

SINCE 1996


Highland Park Church
516 West Sycamore Street
Kokomo, Indiana, USA