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Highland Park Church Trivia Quiz:

  1. The word "Colportage" is displayed on our tract (literature) rack in the foyer.  It reads, "Moody Colportage Library."

  2. The dried bat is located in the auditorium ceiling, in the center where the beams meet, a few pews back from the front.

  3. The first aid kit is located in the foyer on top of the mailboxes.  Everyone should know this one!

  4. The ramp is stored near the parking lot entranceway, inside the wooden door just before the stairwell to the basement.  There is a big sign posted there.

  5. We store boxes of Styrofoam cups in the basement, in the closet under the stairs (across from the boiler room).

  6. We have four telephones (not including cordless in our building, located in the basement (kitchen hall), the foyer (by the drinking fountain), the pastor's office (room 205) and the secretary's office (room 204).

  7. Believe it or not, we have eleven levels in our church facilities (not including landings on stairwells, but including rooms or areas that are at least one step up).  In the basement, we have the rest room level, the fellowship hall level, and the stage (cave room).  On the first floor we have the entrance level, the foyer level (which is the auditorium level), the platform, and the parlor level.  Then we have the balcony level, the second floor level, and the secretary's office level (up one step).  Add to that the third floor, and that makes eleven levels.  This is why it is impossible to install an elevator.

  8. Highland Park Church was incorporated on January 2 of 1949.

  9. The sanctuary was built in 1954.

  10. The parsonage was purchased within the same year Pastor Ed was born:  1956.

  11. Pastor Ed officially became pastor of HPC in December of 1983.

  12. Ken Miller served here for over four years and immediately preceded Pastor Ed.  But Ken and family had served in missions for years.  The Doug and Sherrie Anderson family replaced him on the field.

  13. The founding Pastor of HPC served here nearly 30 years and was named Dwight Patterson.

  14. Highland Park Church split from St. Luke's Evangelical United Brethren Church (now St. Luke's United Methodist) in 1949.

  15. The Bruce and Joyce Moore family were the missionaries HPC sent forth in 1956.

  16. The two missionary families HPC commissioned and sent off in the latter 1990's were the Aldridges and the Dawsons.

  17. The Cabush family spent a good year in Cambridge, England.

  18. The Husted family spent several years in Singapore.

  19. The Dawson family spent several years in Luxembourg.

  20. Sam Stevens served as the pastor of Burk St. Bible Church.

  21. We can we see photos of our three pastors and their wives displayed in the basement hall near the knotty pine room.

  22. The Conradt family owned the old mansion part of our church building.

  23. The old mansion part was built in 1913.

  24. The remnants of a "dumb waiter" are located as one enters the parlor to the left (across from the small rest room, above the radiator).

  25. Bill Patzold cut a passageway from the balcony side room into the steeple tower so we could understand our longstanding leak.

  26. Former HPC member Rob Vance now pastors a church in Illinois.

  27. The garage replaced the carriage house, which had an apartment above it.

  28. The church was named "Highland Park" even though it is closer to Foster Park because the church originally planned to purchase land near Highland Park.  The neighbors signed petitions against it, so the city would not allow it to be zoned for a church.

  29. Helen Adams (Toni Schnabel's mom) was our church's first paid secretary.

  30. We sponsored "Sermons from Science" in 1995, using the "downtown campus" auditorium.

  31. Gene and Maxine Kratzer hosted the fall cookout on their grounds for over 40 years.

  32. The baptistry is located in the basement, underneath the stage.

  33. You can find an outside door, used by the iceman to put ice in the Conradt Mansion icebox, in the nursery porch.

  34. Bill Patzold hung the drop ceiling on the basement stage, but Pink Soblotne hung all the other drop ceilings in the church.

  35. When Pastor Ed has a question about anybody from our church's past, he goes to Jane Soblotne.

  36. Jim Evans taught the teen Sunday School class for about 25 years.

  37. The church safe is located in the basement, in the kitchen hall, to be precise.

  38. The church financial secretary before Katie Daniels served for many years:  Lorraine West.

  39. The third floor of the Conradt mansion was built as a ballroom.

  40. The church only has two water fountains—one near the parking lot entranceway, the other outside the kitchen.

  41. Phyllis Eads, our current librarian, was also our church's first librarian (for nearly 19 years now).

  42. The old speakers for the organ are located behind the banners high in the auditorium.

  43. Thelma Roe played the organ for us for years.  Our dearly missed Phyllis Baxter played the piano.

  44. George Seward originally proposed that we extend our church platform (stage) out to where it now is.

  45. Doug and Trina Schnabel designed the way we actually did it.

  46. Len Garasha originally started Awana at HPC.

  47. Our church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1999.

  48. Ron Erickson is our church custodian; he has worked here since 1986, going on 16 years.

  49. Albert King served as church custodian for many years.  He had a finger missing and was often heard to ask, "Who broke the lock on the hen house door?"

  50. Suzette Albright organizes our church showers.

  51. Wendell and Phyllis Eads are currently doing the decorating of our auditorium, etc., for the seasons.

  52. Maxine Kratzer, Helen Pasley, and Virginia Evans had the maiden name of Parsons.  Lavonne Parsons and Marie Parsons are their sister-in-laws.  Marjorie Sweeten and Phyllis Clark had the maiden name of Ulsh (as did their sister Janet who no longer lives in the area).

  53. When we painted our auditorium in 1995, Harry Husted and Paul Olsen tackled the highest area above and below the round stained glass window.

  54. The auditorium was yellow before we painted it off white; the rug was pink.

  55. We got our pews padded and bought new hymnals in 1987.

  56. Our only living "original elder" from our church board when our church first started is Gene Kratzer.

  57. Jenni Davis and Donna Burtch designed and sewed the banners in our auditorium.

  58. Brett Davis organized and oversaw "Living Scenes of Easter," our Easter drama in 1990 and 1991.  It was all his idea.

  59. Brenda Olsen oversees our nursery workers.

  60. Paul Olsen is the teen leader/director who served twice, originally in the latter 80's and then beginning again in the latter 90's.

  61. Jan Loisch first introduced Ken and Raye Jean Swinehart to HPC.  Jan knew Ken through InterVarsity at Rose-Hulman. 

  62. Trina Schnabel, Dianne Freyler, and Gaye Schall oversaw the remodeling of Pastor Ed's office.

  63. Julie Aldridge sewed the cushions for the window seats in the parlor.

  64. Robin Ogle sewed the curtain valences in the parlor.


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