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Apologetics, Questions, Issues

by Ed Vasicek

I've always joked that the Greek Orthodox folks must be the best penny pinchers in the world. They celebrate Christmas in JanuaryÄafter all the decorations are half priced and the big clearance sales are on! Of course, most of those folks celebrate a gift exchange on December 25th and celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas in January, so they get stuck with the big bills like the rest of us! How does that hymn go? "I heard the bills on Christmas Day"? Oh, that's supposed to be bells. That's what we call "an intentional Freudian slip."

Some things do come at the wrong time, however. This is particularly true within the evangelical world. By all rights, this should be celebration time for those of us who have remained firmly committed to the faith of the Bible. Recent findings in the realms of archaeology and science have vindicated the faith of Bible-believing Christians. Sadly, much of the evangelical world is no longer interested in the Bible as it once was. Hence, no celebration.

For years, serious evangelical Christians have held the Biblical line, despite defections from other branches of Christendom. While liberal Protestantism and Catholicism were embracing the theory of evolution over billions of years of time, we kept the faith. While those groups were saying that the Bible was filled with historical or geographical errors, we disagreed. And we took a lot of razzing: much of it was far from good natured.  We were labeled mindless, naive, gullible, extreme, and as refusing to accept reality. But things are changingÄrapidly. The old mockeries no longer work because wisdom is being vindicated by her children.

Now even one of the greatest adversaries of the Christian perspective, the liberal PBS network, aired the videos, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" and "Icons of Evolution," videos which present strong arguments for intelligent design. The more we unravel the mystery of life, the more we see the hand of God. He is becoming inescapable, even to the resistant. The recent perfecting of carbon dating has argued for dates more compatible with recent creation than with billions of years of random evolution. Although still taught as dogma, the theory of evolution is getting ready to totter, much like the Soviet Union before its collapse. The dogma remains, but the experimental belief itself has proven a disaster.

Within the last decade, the real Mount Sinai has been discovered in Saudi Arabia, complete with charred top, a split rock that at one time was at the head of a reservoir of water (in an area that get one half inch of rain every ten years), and the remnants of Aaron's golden calf altar. The presence of the Hebrews in Egypt as slaves has been documented, and strong evidence exists for the location of the crossing of the Red (not Reed) Sea.  Via video tape, we at HPC (i.e., the Sunday night bunch) have actually seen these things. What a wonderful time to study the Bible! Our forefathers could only dream of seeing such things. But we can actually view them!

Sodom and Gomorrah have been found, and they were indeed destroyed by fire and sulfur. Although skeptical archaeologists refuse to believe that the source of the fire is heaven, the facts prove that those cities were destroyed as the Bible says they were. For over a century, liberal scholars claimed that Sodom and Gomorrah never even existed. That is, up until the 1990's.

But the saddest thing about all this is that most Christians are unaware of these great breakthroughs, and, even sadder, most Christians do not even care! Although we evangelicals have grown in number, we are not as deep as we used to be.

An article appeared in the October 30, 2003 Indianapolis Star. They interviewed Alan Wolfe, author of One Nation After All. Wolfe, who is a liberal Jew, writes about America's diverse yet unified religious approaches; of evangelicals, the Indy Star summarizes and quotes Wolfe, "Much of the music entertains…Sermons have 'remarkably little actual content' however dynamic the delivery. The Bible is cited, but rarely explored." I think it is amazing that the world can see what many Christians and Christian leaders do not care to see: we have lost our content because we cite but do not study. We do not seek to understand the Bible nor doctrine.

These recent discoveries, which could have sparked a revival thirty or forty years ago, is of no interest to many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. But for those of us who are Psalm 1 kind of ChristiansÄwho meditate day and night on God's WordÄwhat a wonder it is! What a great time to be a Bible Christian! How grand it is!

Pastor Ed

Reprinted from the December 2003 Body Builder, a publication of Highland Park Church.

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