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Church and Leadership:
What Does It Mean for a Man To Lead?
by Ed Vasicek

I don't know about you, but I was not raised to be a leader. My dad never sat me down and taught me about leadership. Indeed, many men find themselves weak in this department.

When you dedicate your life to Christ, all of a sudden you find out God wants you to lead your family. Even if you do not have a family, you realize God wants you to be a disciple who, in one way or another, must practice some leadership.

Let me share a few basics about leadership:

  1. Leadership boils down to influence. It is not a matter of title or office, but influence.
  2. Leadership is taking initiative. It is having a plan. That plan is flexible, but a leader has some sort of plan ready.
  3. Leadership is making it happen. Put it on the calendar, initiate the routine, make the decision. Good ones plan ahead.
  4. Leaders are out for the best interests of those they serve, not personal comfort.
  5. Good leaders do not force or coerce. They offer direction; others must choose whether to follow that direction. Leaders make mistakes, but we cannot default in leading to avoid criticism or being told, "I told you so." We'll live. And even good leadership does not guarantee good results. Christ is the head of the church, but the church is far from perfect!

Become a leader because God demands it!

Pastor Ed

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