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Church and Leadership:
Service Detail Director Job Description
by Ed Vasicek

The Service Detail Director will attempt to serve as a “quality controller” and “double checker” to help support our volunteer staffs and coordinate the physical details of the Morning Service (10:30 a.m.). He will serve as a resource to the sound technicians to assure that the microphones are set up and in their proper positions by 10:30. He will work with the singers, instrumentalists, drama teams, video technicians, light technicians and other service participants to organize practice times and assure that necessary props are in place or special effects are ready to go (much like a stage manager would). He will work with the above volunteers to funnel equipment requests to the deacons (like the need for additional microphone stands, etc.), offer suggestions for consideration and address other details as he deems appropriate.

The Service Detail Director is not responsible to plan services, nor shall he interfere with the authority structures of the above-mentioned groups. He is there to serve, coordinate, help, offer ideas and make himself available as a resource. He shall be directly accountable to the board of elders.

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