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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events

Before Meals or Grace
by Ed Vasicek

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Father in heaven, thank You for providing food for we on earth. We thank You that You do not give us food merely to keep us alive, nor merely to keep us healthy, but also to enjoy. You are good to us.

Thank you, in the Name of the Savior, Amen.

Yahweh, Lord of all, we bless Your Name and praise You, that You, the great God of the universe, care for our family's needs. As we enjoy this meal, help us to realize that it is you who has given us the privilege of living in this land of plenty. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Lord of all the earth, we ask You to send laborers into the field around the world to share the Gospel with those who have never heard. Thank You that we have heard and believed. We now understand that all of life's blessings come from You, and so we thank You, in Jesus' Name, for the blessing of food before us. Amen.

Almighty One, You owe us nothing. Yet You bless us so bountifully.  How grateful we are that our table is bountiful and our stomachs will soon be full.  We thank you that Jesus has filled our souls just as this food will satisfy our appetite. Thank You, Abba Father. We pray through Christ, Amen.

Lord, everyday Your blessings are new. As we sit down to enjoy another meal together, we express our appreciation for the way You take care of us, day after day. Thank You for not getting tired of us and always caring. We offer this prayer in the Name of the Prince of Peace, Amen.

You Who Created all, thank You for creating mankind. Thank You for our existence and for our family. Thank You for providing us with more than we need.  Thank You for the pleasure of eating. Thank You for those who worked to prepare this meal. We bring our prayer to You in Jesus' Name, Amen.

God Most High, we know that You know our hearts. We also know that You know what we need even before we ask. But thank You that You do not stop with our needs, but You often graciously bless us with an abundance. Thank You for Your provision of this food for our family. In the Name of Messiah Jesus, Amen.

Father of lights, You who command the heavenly host, thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Thank You for raising Him up from the dead so we could be forgiven. But thank You for also caring for our bodies.  We appreciate Your supply of this food before us.

We praise You in Christ's Name, Amen.

Lord of time, as days come and days go, we thank You that You stay the same.  You are the foundation of our lives and of our family. Your faithfulness is eternal. So thank You for providing us with food for another day. We remember those who are going hungry today, and we ask you to bless them with provision as well. In the Savior's Name, Amen.

Father, thank You for giving us a Christian family. We pray that any family members who do not know you might come to do so. Just as You provide food for our table, so You provide food for the souls who hunger for You. We are grateful, in the Messiah's Name, Amen.

O Holy God, as we smell the food before us, we are grateful that we do not need to go hungry. Though sometimes, we must confess, we complain or do not appreciate our blessings, right now we chose to thank You. Thank You, dear Father. In the Messiah's Name, Amen.

Father, we praise You, the One who sets up kings and topples empires. We believe You are Sovereign, and in control of all that happens. Thank You for permitting us to live in a land of abundance and plenty. We praise You, in Christ's Name, for the food before us. Amen.

Pastor Ed

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