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Overcoming Domestic Violence
by Ed Vasicek
Used for Kokomo Family Services to open "Domestic Violence Awareness Week".

Dear Father in Heaven,

Lord, the term Father paints a beautiful picture for us. But for some, terms like mother, father, sister, or brother are not positive terms. Father, so many people suffer the effects of domestic violence. The home, which is meant to be a shelter from the harsh world out there is sometimes the most dangerous place to be. We know this grieves Your heart.

Lord, you intended marriage and family to be among the greatest blessings of life. We praise and thank You that such is often the case. But our hearts bleed for those who do not know a safe haven at home. We know that violence traumatizes us so much that we are never the same. The scars run deep.

The issues involved are many and complicated, but the nature of our request is not.

Our God, we ask you to help those who are victims of violence. We pray that you would help restore their sense of value and dignity. We ask you to help those who are trapped in a cycle of violence. We ask you to help them address their frustrations and anger in appropriate ways. We pray that we would not only be concerned about ourselves, but that we would consider the impact of our behavior upon others. We pray for your wisdom and direction for those persons and agencies that seek to aid, counsel, and nurture victims of violence.

We pray that all of our homes would become safe havens of love and support.

For we pray in Jesusí Name, Amen

Pastor Ed

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