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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Personal Devotions

Families and Community Services
by Ed Vasicek

Our Father,

The fact we call you Father reminds us of the blessing family relationships could be. You love families. You instituted marriage, and you designed mankind to find a level of security, love, support, and blessing within families. Yet Lord, the reality is that sin has devastated our relationships. Rather than incubators for love and security, many of our nation's families are hotbeds for strife, abuse, and chaos. Behind our society's escalation of crime, drugs, and poverty is a decrease in family commitment and declining participation in our community life. Renew our determination to make our families work; help us to check reclusive tendencies in ourselves and become participators in our world.

Oh Father, stem the scourge of divorce. Help married couples to determine to work out their differences, as difficult as that may seem. Help each marriage partner to focus upon his or her failings, not the disappointments found in a spouse. Keep married individuals from coveting another person or dreaming of greener pastures. Bring a deep sense of guilt to those whose minds wander, for this is where so much sin begins.

Give our children intact families that they might be able to also have healthy marriages and strong moral compasses. May we propagate relational success, not failure. Help parents to thoughtfully and carefully direct their children with initiative, not mindlessly allowing them to follow just any trend. Help parents talk to their children, play with their children, and offer quality and quantity of time. May parents shape their children' s values, not the television, Hollywood, or music celebrities. May homes become the moral and spiritual centers You intend them to be.

Minister grace to those innocent victims, our children, who—through no fault of their own—find themselves victims of broken relationships.  Break away the deceptive rationalizing that says children are resilient, and instead help adults to tenderly shelter their young ones from situations that will forever scar their innermost being. Help the agencies that minister to such children.

Thank you for the government, civic, and faith-based organizations that address matters like poverty, education, abuse, life-skills, as well agencies addressing issues of moral and religious fiber. We ask your blessing not only upon organizations like the Kokomo Rescue Mission, Nesting Doves, and Birthright, but also upon the numerous humanitarian charities and organizations that grace our community. Their task seem insurmountable.

One service that we have learned to appreciate in a greater way is our Fire Department. September 11th has changed our perspective. We thank you for the many lives saved, the many buildings preserved, and the new respect Americans have for fire fighters as true heroes. Please keep them safe.  Thank you for all those who look out for others, whose world does not end with themselves or their families.

Help all of us to be involved in our communities, to be good neighbors and true participants in our society. Help us to do our civic duty, to participate in clubs, organizations, churches, and causes. May we not merely live in Kokomo or Howard County or the region, but may we be active participators in our society, truly becoming the salt of the earth.

Father, our families and communities have fallen on hard times. Rescue us, we pray. Reach down and pull us from the mire.

We ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.
Pastor Ed

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