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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events

A Prayer for Our President
occasioned by Hurricane Katrina of 2005
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Father,

As we think of our president, our gracious God, we first thank You for our nation and the many blessings you have given us. From the beginning, many of our leaders and citizens have trusted in Your Providence and care and You have been our steadfast pillar, a true Rock of Help.

Lord, these past few years have been rough for us. We know things could get worse, much worse; we ask You to prevent that. Instead, we pray that we would continue to receive Your lavish grace. We ask this not because we claim to deserve it, but because You are gracious.

Dear God, our president has been in the "hot seat" for almost his entire tenure as president. Perhaps no president in modern times has had to face the challenges that George W. Bush has had to face. Few have been tested as he has been: the disaster of September 11th, the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Tsunami, and now, Lord, our own Tsunami of sorts -- the horrors of Hurricane Katrina.

Almighty One, as the God Who Really Sees, we pray that You would see the stresses and decisions our president must make. As the All-Knowing One, we pray that You would impart Your wisdom to him. As the All-Powerful One, we pray that You would strengthen him and his staff for the long hours and intense requirements of his responsibilities. We pray that Your children would under gird him in prayer and respect his office, whether agreeing or disagreeing with his decisions.

Lord, we know we are a nation of armchair generals who love to second-guess the president's every move. For better or worse, we admit that this is the American way. We believe it is better than the way of regimes that oppress free speech, but, Lord, we do sometimes remind ourselves of the Children of Israel murmuring in the wilderness!

We know that, as a human being, every president is sure to make mistakes. No matter what he does or decides, he will experience a barrage of attacks upon him. That might be tolerable when it is "business as usual," but these days are anything but that. We pray that this barrage would give way to a team spirit, and that his critics would not distract him from the course you want him to follow. We pray that You would lead him in that course. We pray that he would be able to ignore the constant whining and make decisions based on sound judgment, in no way intimidated by the multitude of critics.

Dear God, we know our president is a man of faith, a man who knows You, a man who trusts You. But he is only human and has been in the pressure cooker so long. Help him as only You can. Lord, in Your Sovereignty, You have placed him in office for such times as these. Be his strength and shield, we pray, in Jesus' Name.

Pastor Ed

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