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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
January 9
by Ed Vasicek

Great God of Wonders,

I am impressed by all Your ways! When I think of things You have done, I am awestruck. When I contemplate Your nature, I am humbled at my inability to comprehend You. You are, and have always been One God. You are, and have always been, Three Persons. How this can be defies my ability to understand, for, Lord, I think in terms of comparison. I build upon what I already know. But there is no one or nothing that compares with You, O Triune God. So I embrace what I cannot fully understand. But, then again, if a finite creature could really understand the infinite, the infinite would no longer be infinite!

Lord, I thank You for the Church. I thank You for the Universal Church made up of all those who truly know You. I thank You for my local church, where I can use my talents and gifts in coordination with others so that we can do together what we cannot do alone. I thank You for the teaching of the Word, the accountability I have to the leadership, and the way I learn to work with and love others who sometimes differ from me. Thank You that church involvement stretches me and helps me to focus on giving and helping others, not just "taking in."

Father, may Your joy be evident more and more in my life.  Help me to appreciate salvation—especially my relationship to You—so that I am filled with joy.

Lord, some of my personal needs, issues, and problems make it difficult for me to rejoice, but I choose to do so anyway. I commit my requests to You, including: __________.

Today I remember the African nation of Angola. Although communism attempted to wipe out the church, the number of evangelical believers has blossomed. Although the persecution has taken its toll, we thank You that the church is strong and growing. We pray that the number of born-again believers would double within the next decade, and that this nation would arise as a beacon of the Gospel to the rest of the continent.

Today we remember the ministry of SIM, Sudan Interior Mission. Keep the missionaries true to You, protect them, provide for them and their families, and bless them with an abundance of fruit.  Help the missionaries to get along with one another, and guide the leadership of the organization, showering the leaders with divine wisdom.

Locally, we remember our city/town/county legislators. Guide them toward making decisions that are in accord with Your truth and the best interests of their communities.

Help me enjoy Your peace today, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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