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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
January 15
by Ed Vasicek

God Almighty,

You are truly Almighty! You are omnipotent, meaning You have all power. Nothing is too difficult for You. Indeed, all creation came about by means of conversation between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You said, "Let there be" and it came to pass. The only limitations You have are those limits that are demanded by Your nature. That is why though You easily created the universe in 6 days yet find it impossible to lie.

Lord, I thank You for the assurance of salvation I have by my faith in Jesus Christ and His presence in my life. Thank You that, according to 1 John 5:13, I know that I have eternal life. I do not need to merely hope or guess, I can know. Thank You that the blessed Holy Spirit bears witness to my spirit, that I am a child of God.

Lord, help me to be a gracious person. Help me not react to insults or slights or delays or mistakes with uncontrolled anger, a demanding attitude, or rudeness. Instead, help me to delay my anger and gain my composure and consider the effect of my responses on others.

Help me with my thought life today.  Help me think positive and pleasant thoughts today, thoughts that please You.

Please address the following needs: __________.

This day I remember the nation of Armenia, a remarkable little nation and the first nation to ever declare itself a Christian nation in the early 4th century. We thank You for the growth of the evangelical church there. We are grateful that a new modern language translation of the Bible is now available there, and that You are blessing the showing of the Jesus movie. We pray that the evangelical church would grow at a rapid and solid pace. We also pray that the persecution encouraged by the Orthodox Church there in the past would remain buried, and that people would have complete religious freedom.

Today I remember Source of Light ministries with their wonderful correspondence courses. I thank You for the countless number of people who have been saved or who began being discipled through these studies. Provide for them in every way.

I also remember our local school superintendent. I ask You to bless him or her, and I ask that he or she would come to know You and would be open to the things of God.

I pray that You would encourage me today, for I ask it in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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