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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
January 21
by Ed Vasicek

Precious Lord,

I know that You have many aspects to Your being, characteristics and attributes that Your Word reveals. The Bible is clear that You are an angry God. Although it is not popular for us to consider ourselves, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God," that is, in fact, our situation. Your wrath is revealed from heaven. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, lightning strikes, tsunamis and hailstorms all remind us that something is wrong with the universe, that it is indeed cursed. And, as nature leads us to believe that You are the Great Creator, so disasters remind us that You are angry.

Thank You, Lord, that Your anger and Your justice are not Your only attributes. You are a God of mercy, love, and grace as well. So You sent Jesus to bear the wrath and anger that was due us. As Your Word says, He "became a curse for us." Because of Jesus, You—an angry and holy God—are now free to shed Your grace and mercy upon us without compromising Who You are.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Your character is perfectly balanced. Help me to live a balanced life, to make balanced choices, and to seek to grow in all areas. Help me succeed spiritually, relationally, intellectually, physically, socially, and to live in a reasonable manner financially, if that is Your will. And if not, help me to accept what I cannot change and what You do not want to change. Help me not to be driven by a guilt complex (feeling more responsible than I should) nor by peer pressure, but by Biblical conviction and reason. Help me recognize nonsense and unhealthy attitudes for what they are.

Gracious God, help me to recover from past events that have harmed me in one of the above ways. Although I want to learn from the past, and although I recognize I can better minister and sympathize with others because of my past, these advantages are joined to disadvantages. Help me to escape from the prison of my past and to boldly agonize forward toward the calling of Jesus Christ for my life.

Please address the following needs: __________.

Today I pray for one of the nations of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan, just north of Iran. Lord, most of this nation is Islamic with less than one-tenth of one percent Evangelical Christian. Although there is some measure of religious freedom, we know the nation allows no foreign missionaries. This is a poor land, and people need Jesus. We pray that You would multiply the efforts of the few Christians who live there. We pray that the church would grow exponentially, and that Your Spirit would draw great numbers to Jesus Christ.

Today I remember AMF, the American Messianic Fellowship. Bless their efforts in sharing the Gospel "to the Jew first" as they build bridges of friendship. Thank You that this ministry is conducted ethically and honestly. Bless them as they reach out and train others to reach out to Your chosen people.

Today we pray that You would guide and assist all the emergency radio dispatchers in our area. We know that they form an important link between the need for emergency help and getting that help on the scene. Keep them alert, and may they excel in this important service.

Help me to think of You often throughout my day, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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