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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
January 27
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Lord,

I praise You that You are a God of order, not confusion. We see this when we look at a single cell, a molecule, or an atom. The Laws of Science are laws because they were ordained in an orderly way by an orderly Creator. Even though this universe is cursed and the rate of decay intensified, even what seems to be chaotic is part of an orderly plan.

Lord, when life gets chaotic for me, help me to trust You as the one Who has a plan. Help me be a person of faith, one who trusts even when I cannot understand.

Lord, I celebrate my gender. Your Word tells me that You created mankind as male and female, and that both genders are in Your image. Both genders, therefore, reflect much of Who You are and what You are like. But both genders have been cursed by sin and its consequences, and this is likewise equally prevalent in both genders, even though it may surface in gender-related ways. Thank You for making me who I am.

Father, I have a number of personal needs, including the need for good relationships. Help me to get along with others, yet keep me from being held hostage to fear. If I want to be close to others, I need Your help to confront others when necessary; otherwise I will create the distance caused by a grudge. Other needs today include: __________.

Today I pray for the Afro-Caribbean nation of Barbados. Although this country recognizes complete religious freedom, and although many claim to be born-again, the quality of evangelical Christianity there is often weak. Most babies are born out of wedlock, and false religions and cults are gaining ground because the Gospel does not seem to be working there. But we know that the Gospel does work, for true believers who submit to Christ as Lord. We pray that the Christian testimony there would be better. We pray that the evangelical church (i.e., the individual believers who make up the church) would espouse a Christianity worth reproducing.

Today we remember BCM, originally begun as the Bible Club Movement. We thank You for all BCM does: church planting, evangelism, discipleship, and teachingóworking in 50 countries with over 700 career missionaries. Please, Lord, protect, provide, and give much fruit to each ministry attempt. Help the missionaries to get along with one another harmoniously, lead by Your Spirit, and bless all their efforts to Your glory.

Today we remember those linemen who repair our electrical lines after storms and disasters. We know their job is often thankless. We pray that You would keep them safe and bless their efforts as they bless us.

Now, Lord, help me follow Jesus today, for I pray in His Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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