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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
January 28
by Ed Vasicek

God of Infinity,

I remember as a child trying to understand what it meant to be invisible. How could You be present with me, and yet I cannot see You? Although my vocabulary has grown, I still marvel that You are the King eternal, immortal, and invisible. You are not subject to the laws of physics that restrain and restrict Your creation. We do not see You, we do not physically feel You, nor do we audibly hear You. We know that one day our bodies will be transformed into spiritual bodies like that of the resurrected Christ. We look forward to seeing Your invisible glory one day.

Lord, we know You hate sin. Yet, if sin had never been allowed, Your glory would not have been as manifest. Because of sin, we glorify You for the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. We will experience a greater good, having it better than Adam and Eve could have before the Fall. Right now, sin brings untold misery to all creation, but one day, You will work all things together for good.

So, today, Lord, may I be characterized by a reasonable optimism. Things are bad now, sometimes very bad, and I do not want to live in denial and justify that denial in the name of optimism. But I believe that one-day, things will be exactly as they should be. Then our present suffering will not be worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.

Lord, today I am thankful, and I remember a few things for which to praise You: __________.

Help me, Lord, to develop a deeper hunger for You and Your Word. Please help me resist the temptations to find my main meaning in life apart from You.

Lord, I pray for the nation of Belarus. This former member of the Soviet Union has not fared well in many ways, including spiritually. The Orthodox Church and government restrict public evangelism and have passed laws preventing evangelicals from building church buildings within its cities. We pray that the tide will turn, and that the small 1.5% of evangelicals in this nation will multiply to over 10 percent within the next decade. Help the nation embrace complete religious freedom, may the believers there have a holy fervor for serving You.

Today we remember the Biblical Literature Fellowship, a ministry producing Christian literature in French to meet the needs of French-speaking Africans and other Francophones. Provide for them as they work with churches and missionaries. Guide the leadership by Your Spirit.

Lord, I remember the Marine Corps today. Help the men and women of the corps to stand for what is right, to seek You, and to feel appreciated by our nation.

Be my Rock this day, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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