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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
February 4
by Ed Vasicek

My Father in heaven,

Lord, You are described in many ways, and one of them is as a "consuming fire." As a fire is pure, so You are completely clean and holy. As a consuming fire cannot be quenched, so You have infinite energy and none can stand in Your way. As a fire separates the impurities from fine gold, so Your gaze sees through all and sorts through all. As a fire represents Your wrath and judgment, so it is right for all creation to fear You.

Father, I thank You that one day Jesus Christ shall return to the clouds, and we will meet Him in the air. The dead will be raised and those of Your children alive on earth will be changed into immortality as they ascend upward to meet You, all in the twinkling of an eye. We eagerly await this "blessed hope."

So, Lord, help me to have endurance as I wait for Christ's return. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and I become disappointed in circumstances, disappointed with people, and, frankly, disappointed with myself. Sometimes, I confess, I even feel disappointed with You. So help me to endure, to persevere in faithfully serving You, because I know my labor in You is not in vain.

Lord, I have many things for which I can thank You. A few of them are: __________.

Father, help me to be content with the things I have and my lot in life. At the same time, help me take initiative and deliver me from passivity. Help me not be like the servant who fearfully hid his talents. Help me to boldly invest myself in Your work. Keep me from comparing my skills and talents to others.

Today I pray for the nation of Bolivia. Thank You for the 12% of the population who claim to be born-again, and we pray that that percentage will soon reach 30. We are grateful, Lord, for the growth You have given the Bolivian Church. But we know that the major income for many Bolivians is growing coca and cocaine. Christians are stressed: if they grow cocaine, they can support their families; if they do not, they live in poverty. We pray that You would make a way for the believers to provide well for their families while not violating their consciences at the same time.

Today I remember the ministry of CrossWorld, formerly known as UFM. As their 400 missionaries help reach and disciple thousands, we pray that You would keep them walking with You, true to Your Word, safe, and amply supplied. May Your Spirit bless their labors, and help them to relate well to one another in ways that please You.

We pray for our nation's emergency radio dispatchers and those who work the 911 emergency lines. Give them accuracy, clarity, and wisdom. We pray that many would come to know You.

Strengthen me for the challenges of this day, and, Lord, help me to apply my heart toward wisdom, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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