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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
February 6
by Ed Vasicek

Mighty God, Abba Father,

I thank You that Your Son took upon Himself the role of Savior. A savior is one who delivers or saves another from danger or disaster. The Lord Jesus Christ is our Savior from sin and from Your wrath. Our sin provokes You to anger and demands justice. Our Savior has delivered us from the demands of Your justice by satisfying the just penalty for our sins. He did this while on the cross, when Heóthe sinless oneóbecame sin for us. Thank you that He bore our sin in His body on the tree.

Father, I thank You that You have grace for all. Your common grace causes it to rain for the just and the unjust. You feed the birds and sustain life, though You have no obligation to do so. Your special grace is showered upon those who know You.

Help me to respond to Your grace by trusting You, and thereby I affirm Your character and glorify You. As I experience Your saving grace and Your sustaining grace, help me, in turn, to be gracious to others, not exacting my due.

Lord, I have many needs to bring before Your throne. Provide me with people who will support me in lifeís bad times and celebrate with me during lifeís good times. I have many other needs, a few of which include: __________.

Today I pray for the nation of Iran. This country, formerly known as Persia, has a long history. Unfortunately, there are very few in this land who know Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Lord, change the government in this land and establish one that recognizes human rights, including the right to share and propagate religious beliefs that are not in the majority. Help the few Christians there to be wise, and open doors for the Gospel. Bless radio broadcasts and other avenues of communication for the Gospel. May the number of believers in Iran increase exponentially.

Lord, today I remember FIM, The Fellowship International Mission. Bless them as they minister to difficult areas, like Morocco and Niger. Missionaries serve on a number of continents, and are doing a vital work. Please, Lord, give them fruit for their labor, safety, provision, and help them to relate well and work with one another well. May Your Spirit use them greatly as they share the faith and disciple believers.

I also remember the counselors in our community, especially the Christian ones. Help them to direct their clients into Your truth, and may they impact many lives for the good.

Now bless me this day, I pray, in Jesusí Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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