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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
February 17
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Almighty One,

Father, You gather your sheep like a shepherd. We are Your flock. The Lord Jesus declared Himself to be the Good Shepherd, the One Who laid down His life, only to take it up again. Unlike a hired hand who flees when the wolf approaches, the Good Shepherd sacrifices Himself to preserve the sheep. As an Omnipotent Shepherd, You hold us in Your hand, and no one is powerful enough to remove us. You watch over us, You guide us with Your rod and staff. You lead us in the way we should go.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, that You have baptized me into the Body of Christ. I am united with my fellow believers around the globe, those who genuinely know Christ.

Help me, therefore, Holy Spirit, to allow You to fill me. I give You control of my life. I understand that there is only one baptism of the Spirit, but many fillings. Indeed, You command me to "be being filled with the Holy Spirit."

Lord, we humans beings are complicated, and our lives are sometimes tangled webs of responsibilities and duties. We wear many hats. Help me, Father, to take life in stride. Help me to cast my cares on You, for You care for me.

Lord, I have some disappointments and burdens in life. A few of them hurt me and have left scars, including: __________. I turn them over to You. Help me to find Your purpose and joy in life. There are many things I cannot change, but I can share all my thoughts with You. Thank You that You do not stifle me or pressure me to "get over it." You are a God Who feels with me.

Today, Lord, I remember the nation of Cape Verde Islands, a small island nation off the coast of West Africa. Although most of the inhabitants claim some form of Christianity, only between 5 and 10 percent claim to be born-again. We thank You that the evangelical church is growing, and we pray that the number of believers there would double over the next five years. Help the believers to give up native superstition, and to develop strong leadership within the church. Many Caboverdians are migrants in other nations, including the U.S. We pray that these communities would become strong evangelical bastions for You.

Father, I pray for Liebenzell Mission as they plant churches, evangelize, and offer theological training for church leaders throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and, to a lesser extent, South America. Help the many missionaries to get along well with one another, to agree upon strategies, and to be empowered by Your Spirit for their vital work. Help their families to be strong, healthy, and provide what they need, we pray. May their ministry be fruitful.

Today we pray for our nation's journalists. May an epidemic of fairness and understanding sweep our media, and may many come to know You.

Now bless my day, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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