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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
February 24
by Ed Vasicek

King of Kings,

You are the Creator of all things. You were here before all things; indeed, You were here before time. You planned Your creation, and life came from You, the Fountain of all life. You are an orderly God, and so Your creation is orderly. You said, "Let there be light," for You are light and You share Your light with us. Of God the Son we read that all things were created through Him. All events have a beginning, but You are not an event. You are the Beginner of all events. Your awesome designs leave us spellbound.

Lord, I am thankful for many things, three of which are: __________.

Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. I find my strength in His power not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.

Great Lord, I thank You for Your sacrificial love. Often I see injustice around me; sometimes I have felt like life has not always been even-handed with me. But I know You love me, not because everything goes well, but because of Calvary. According to Your Word, that is when You demonstrated Your love for me, when Christ died for me (Romans 5:8).

So, Lord, help me to trust You and Your goodness when it seems like You have forgotten me. Help me to be patient and remember that You are in no hurry. I am not wrong to want speedy answers for my prayers, but You are going to follow Your timetable not mine!

God, like every one of the billions of people who inhabit our world, I am vulnerable. So, Lord, please send angels to watch over me and protect me. Keep me from harm and evil of every kind.

Today I pray for the massive nation of China. Oh, Lord, praying for this country is overwhelming. Over one and a fourth billion people! Lord, I praise You that over 6% of the population are born-again. Thank You for the great growth in the Chinese Church, from 1.8 million in 1949 to 17 million (and with secret house churches perhaps 45 million). We pray that the church would keep growing and doubling every 5 years. Lord, provide more freedom for the Chinese people. Help the government to stop viewing the church as evil, and may freedom reign in this vast land. We pray, Lord, that China would become a spiritual lighthouse for the rest of the world. Help the Gospel to transform lives and society in phenomenal ways. Provide leadership training, heal this nation, and may Your Spirit do a work there greater than He has ever done anywhere!

Thank You, God, for PIONEERS, a ministry that mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples
by initiating church-planting movements
in partnership with local churches. Thank You for the summer, short term, and long-term missionaries who organize outreach in nations like Chad, Iraq, and Sumatra. Help them get along, empower them by Your Spirit, and may they be used of You to give a real spiritual "shot in the arm" to the churches with whom they minister.

Bless our city, town, village and county council board members throughout this land. Give them servants' hearts, integrity, and help them to reasonably serve their communities. May many come to know You.

Help me to remember to pray throughout the day, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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