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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
March 23
by Ed Vasicek

Great Sovereign,

You are Three yet One, One yet Three. How can I fully grasp One God in Three Persons? If I really think I grasp it, I do not. Father, You are not the Son. Son, You are not the Spirit. Spirit, You are not the Father. Yet Father, You are God. Son, You are God. Spirit, You are God. But there is only One God. Yet, at the same time, You, God cannot be sectioned or divided. I accept these criteria because they are the boundaries Your Word sets. But then again, I am not surprised that You are much more complex than we simple products of Your creation! We think a single-celled creature is complex!

And, for our minds, it is! But You are higher than we, much higher.

Lord, help me to be an honest person. Help me not to lie to save my pride, not to say one thing while I am thinking another. Help my "yes" to be sincere, and help my "no" to be sincere. Help me be direct yet tactful; help me to avoid communication games.

Great God, help me find my greatest source of significance in You. I admit that I want people to like me and respect me. I want to achieve at least a few measurable goals in life. I want to make a difference. But help me find my greatest identity as a Christian—someone who knows God.

Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today. Help me learn to avoid tempting situations, and to flee from temptation, when this is possible. I claim Jesus Christ, the victor, as the captain of my defense against the evil one.

I remember my family members who do not yet know Christ. I pray that I would have the assurance that they indeed know You. I pray for: __________.

Today I remember the nation of Egypt. I have read of ancient Egypt often in my Bible, but modern Egypt is very different. Almost all of the people are Muslims. Only 2.5% are born-again evangelical Christians. Persecution is a real problem. We pray, dear God, that You would help the believers to be able to evade persecution and that it would stop. Help the believers to be strong not in themselves but in You. We pray that You would use the Jesus film and media to get the Gospel out, and we pray that within ten years the number of evangelical Christians would triple.

I thank You for the unique ministry of Barnabas International, a ministry that seeks to encourage and refresh those serving as missionaries. As they provide an encouraging word, counseling, training and advice to those in the field, we pray that You would use them to keep evangelical missionaries spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally healthy. Thank You for a specialized work that cares for the troops!

Now, Lord, help me remember You throughout my day, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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