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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 2
by Ed Vasicek

My gracious Master and my God,

You are a benevolent God. You are kind, generous and compassionate. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a high priest Who can sympathize with our weaknesses. Although You are a consuming fire, You are also tenderhearted, charitable and good. Even though we have sinned against You, You still love us and care about us and feel for us and provide for us.

Thank You, Lord, that for meóand all Who know Christódeath has lost its sting. At death, my body and soul are separated. Although my soul will go to enjoy your presence, one day my resurrection body and soul will be reunited. But I will never face spiritual death, the separation of my soul from You. This is the second death, experienced by those who do not know Christ. Jesus will say to them, "Depart from me.... I never knew you." Thank You that Jesus knows me!

Great Father of Lights, I pray that You would enlighten those who are struggling with substance abuse and addictions. Some who name the Name of Christ find themselves captive to alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, pornography, or are rampant spenders of money. Give them grace and the courage to believe that life can be rich and meaningful without their addiction. Help them develop new habits and associations to replace the old ones and help them to focus on getting to know You more than anything else.

Lord, I thank You for the many Christians who live in Finland. Over 12.5% of the population claim to be evangelicals. Thank You that the state Lutheran church in Finland tends to be evangelical and that these folks have ministered to reach out into Estonia and parts of Russia that are linguistically and culturally related. But, Lord, the church is ageing; help the efforts to bring in young people, may they settle and set roots in one solid congregation rather than church hop, and help the churches to develop new paradigms to better minister in the current age. We pray that the number of born-again evangelicals would approach 20% within the next decade. Also thwart the growth of cults and non-Christian religions, I pray.

Thank You for the work of Evangelism Explosion as they seek to train lay workers in churches throughout the world regarding how to share the Gospel. We know that thousands upon thousands have been led to Christ through EE, and we pray that the best days are yet ahead. Empower the organization by Your Spirit, prosper their efforts and use them to get the good news of Jesus Christ out to a lost society.

I remember pharmacists in prayer. Lord, help them to be careful and to do a good job in organizing and explaining medications to those in need. May those who know Christ tactfully share their faith with fellow pharmacists and with others.

Today, Lord, help me to live for You, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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