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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 3
by Ed Vasicek

God of all comfort,

Thank You for Your great compassion. You are a God who is sympathetic, empathetic and a God Who has pity upon us as a father does upon his child. Thank You that you understand misery and suffering and that You comfort us in our tragedies. Your Spirit alleviates the pain in our hearts when we seem to be at the end of ourselves. You suffer with us, you bear with us, and You care about our lives and feelings.

Father, it breaks my heart to think about people who attend evangelical churches faithfully and yet do not personally know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. A good church accurately teaches salvation by grace alone through faith alone. But preaching the Gospel accurately does not guarantee understanding. So many people think that heaven or hell are determined by our works, that we are our own saviors. They fail to grasp that they are helpless and hopeless, which is why they need a Savior, Jesus Christ. Open their eyes, Lord.

Lord, troubled marriages are all around me. Often I am not aware of that: a friend at work, a neighbor, a relative. A mom with young children feels trapped, and she could use some time away with her husband, but no one is available to watch the children; perhaps finances are tight and the tensions high. A man or woman was reared in a messed up family and the baggage they bring into their marriage is destroying it. Those are just a few. Help the marriages around me to get stronger especially within my church family.

Please meet the following needs, requests, and desires as You see fit: __________.

Today I remember the nation of France. It is distressing to know that less than one percent of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. On the other hand, I praise You that the number of believers in France has grown almost five times since 1960. But much of this growth comes from the great work You have done among the gypsy community—the Roma people. We pray that Your Spirit would sweep over the French people, as it did during the Reformation when nearly half the population was evangelical. Father, we pray that the evangelical church would make a deep impact upon the native French population and that the evangelical church would double over the next five years. May a growing number of the Islamic population find Christ as well, and keep working with the gypsy peoples, I pray.

Lord, thank You for the ministry of Evangelistic Faith Missions. Thank You for their outreach into many nations, and I pray that Your Spirit would empower their Gospel presentations and discipleship efforts. Keep them true to You, bless them with harmony amongst themselves, give them wisdom, discretion and safety, and provide for all their needs.

Help me to be faithful to You today in everything, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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