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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 7
by Ed Vasicek


You are exalted above all creation. You are higher than the highest, greater than the greatest, more powerful than the most powerful, more knowledgeable than the smartest and purer than the purest. You are above all and the competition is not even close. Indeed when we contemplate Your exalted nature for just a few moments, we are awestruck. We then realize that we must decrease in our supposed self-importance while our perspective about You must increase. You are exalted and we are humbled when we contemplate this.

Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today. I take up the shield of faith by which I can quench the fiery darts of the Evil One.

Father, bless parents today. Give them wisdom in rearing their children. Help them provide structure and firmness without being harsh, cruel, or disengaged. May parents take their roles seriously and not simply take the path of least resistance, nor leave child-rearing to others.

[For the married]

Lord, thank You for what marriage has done for our society and this world. Help my marriage to be a blessing. Guard it, put a hedge around it and help us to be determined to work out our differences with an unswerving commitment. Help us to respect one another, to talk to one another, to compromise with one another and to enjoy one another's company. Help us to work at our marriage, to nurture it, to go out together, to occasionally read a book to help us renew our marriage and to really understand one another. When I do not understand, help me to know this. Do not allow me to think that I understand my spouse when I do not. Never let an attitude of contempt or sarcasm master me.

[For the single, divorced, separated, or widowed]

Lord, I have to admit that sometimes life is lonely. Although friends and family enrich my life, sometimes I regret that I am alone. At other times, I appreciate it! Help me to appreciate the blessings of the single life: time to focus upon You, freedom to come and go as I please and a simplicity of life. Help me to participate in church and community. If I am left out, help me to become tough to that. Help me dive in and include myself. Help me remember that this is usually not intentional. Many couples have no idea I want to be included and their minds blind them to pick up on my desire to be included. Help me express to them in no uncertain terms that I want to be included. Keep me from taking the stance of a victim and help me to celebrate the single life.

Lord, thank You for Your work in the coastal central African nation of Gabon. Thank You that the percentage of those claiming to be born-again evangelicals has grown from 2% in 1960 to 14.2% in 2000. We pray, Lord, that this percentage would double within the next decade. Prevent the encroachment of Islam and provide training for church leaders. May Gabon became a lighthouse for the continent.

O Lord, thank You so much for the ministry of Frontiers. Their "passion is to glorify God by planting reproducing churches among unreached Muslim peoples.... Frontiers now has members serving among Muslims in over 40 countries." O God, we know so many are part of the Islamic people and they need a Savior, the God-man Jesus Christ who died for their sins and rose again. Instead Muslims only acknowledge a Jesus who was a prophet not God; a Jesus who did not die on the cross or rise again. Lord, may Your Spirit use Frontiers and other groups and individuals who try to reach this most difficult people group. Your Spirit can break through the toughest walls and we pray that He would do so. Provide, protect and empower all those associated with this ministry and give them much fruit for their labor.

Now, Lord, help me to glorify You today in the simple things of life, I pray in the Name of Christ, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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