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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 9
by Ed Vasicek

Great God,

You are exalted above Your creation. You are not part of creation even though You are present everywhere. The universe had a beginning: You have always been. The universe is impersonal, You are Personal. You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Created things are impersonal except for the personal created beings: angels (both holy and fallen) and human beings. You are spiritual; much of the universe is physical. The laws of physics have no bearing upon You, but the universe would destruct were it not for those laws You established.

Lord, I know that the natural man�the person without Christ who has never been born again�that person cannot understand the things of the Spirit because they are foolishness to him or her. Although such persons may be religious, their eyes are not open until You, O Lord, open them. I recognize that I cannot reason someone into the Kingdom of God, nor can I persuade him or her against his or her will. But, Lord, You can use me in the process if Your Spirit is opening their eyes and helping them to accept spiritual truth. So I want to be used of You, but help me to realize that ultimately without You, I can do nothing.

Lord, I pray for friends, family or even myself when it comes to addictions. Some struggle with clearly sinful addictions: illegal drugs, drunkenness, pornography, workaholism. Others with matters that are more health related: cigarettes, overeating, unhealthy diet, etc. Still others struggle with compulsions and enslaving behaviors (anorexia, obsessive-compulsive behavior, etc.). O Lord, we need Your help to overcome these things. Minister to those who are close to me and struggle with these things.

Please meet the following needs, requests, and desires as You see fit: __________.

Lord, I pray that You would protect my loved ones and I throughout our lives. Send guardian angels to watch over us, I pray.

Lord, I pray for the Asian nation of Georgia, a nation of the former USSR. Lord, only about 1.4% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals. Additionally the majority Orthodox Church tries to suppress the evangelistic efforts of the evangelical church. Bless the attempts to distribute Christian literature, Christian radio broadcasts and the use of the Jesus Film. May the evangelical church double every two years, I pray.

Lord, thank You for the creative ministry of The International Institute for Christian Studies. They seek "to bring glory to God and impact the world by developing godly leaders for every sector of society...as [they] provide key universities and academic institutions with...Christian faculty who teach and live in such a way as to draw others to faith and transformation in Christ.... ICS places faculty...in teaching positions at secular universities outside North America." Thank You for the many students who have come to follow Christ as a result of this ministry and may each of them bear fruit. Empower this ministry by Your Spirit and provide wisdom for all connected to it.

Now, Father, I rededicate myself to You today, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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