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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 18
by Ed Vasicek

Merciful God,

Lord, You are above all. This does not mean that You are physically elevated although that thought does communicate a bit of the concept. But You are above all in that no one outranks You, no one outpowers You, no one outperforms You in anything good and virtuous. All are accountable to You and You will bring every act into judgment. The buck truly stops with You. There is no court of appeals above You.

Thank You for the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ. In regards to His human nature, He descended from Israel, the tribe of Judah and the House of David. This was in accord with the prophecies You gave to the Old Testament prophets. His divine nature as the Son of the God has always been. The Son of God, like You Father, and the Holy Spirit have always been.

But Father, I now need to pray for myself. Lord, help me to bear up under the trials, disappointments, fears and tribulations of life including: __________.

Let me remember that You are developing my faith and that You often use difficult times to make me stronger in You. Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for many reasons. Although we think of the transforming truth that He died in our stead to pay our penalty for sin, He also died to set an example for His followers. We too are sometimes called upon to suffer even though this is a difficult reality to embrace.

Lord, I pray for those seeking employment. Open doors of opportunity and match the right person to the right job. Especially help those who are willing to work with integrity and have good character.

Also, dear Father, help me to handle my finances well. Guide me when it comes to saving, giving and help me know when to say no. Help me control my money under Your guidance; please, do not let money control me. I remember that I cannot serve both God and money, yet if I am irresponsible with the use of my money, the resulting stress becomes my obsession. Help me head off this temptation.

I bring my prayer before You on behalf of the nation of Guadeloupe, an island nation in Central America. Thank You for the 5.4% who claim to be born-again Christians and thank You that the evangelical church is growing. The family unit has not yet recovered from the devastation of slavery in past centuries. Occultism is widespread. Please, Lord, help the believers to mature, the church to double over the next decade and provide for good leadership training. May Your Spirit do a mighty work in Guadeloupe.

Thank You for OC (One Challenge) International, "an interdenominational faith mission. [Their] strategy is to target entire nations through the ministries of research, training, motivation and mobilization. With more than 380 missionaries, OC is involved in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, church growth, missions and support services. " O Father, grant them success as their mission is Your mission. Empower them by Your Spirit, grant them harmony among themselves, safety, wisdom, provision and may them make a deep impact for the Kingdom of God.

Now, Lord, help me remember You throughout the day, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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