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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
April 23
by Ed Vasicek

Lord Jesus,

You have the right to rule; all authority is Yours on heaven and earth. As God the Son, all things were created by You and through You. As the Son of Man, Adam's sinless seed, Your human nature identifies You with us. As the God-man, You died on the cross to pay for my sins so that I could be redeemed. I have been bought with a price and therefore You want me to glorify You. I owe You my allegiance both as my Creator and as my Redeemer.

Lord, give me an insatiable appetite for Your Word. Help me to eagerly study and read the Bible. Give me the enthusiasm of the Psalmist in Psalm 1, a desire to meditate on Your Word throughout the day. Help me to devour Your Words as exemplified by the Psalmist in the longest chapter of the Bible, Psalm 119. I know that the Bible is the most crucial source for coming to know You better and it is the measuring stick of all truth. It is my spiritual food. Help me not to suffer malnutrition by neglecting it.

Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today.

Lord, I remember my country's chief executive officer (President, Prime Minister, Secretary General, etc.) and our legislative and congressional branches. May they all favor religious freedom. May they make it easy for us to be at peace without compromising our convictions. Help them to govern, rule and judge rightly and fairly.

Help those who are seeing Christian counselors. Guide these counselors into Your will, save marriages and lives and help people adjust to the hardships of life. Lord, help counselors to fear You, thus truly offering their clients the counsel of the godly. Help counselors who do not know You to be constructive and supportive of their Christian clients.

Lord of the Harvest, thank You for the work in Guinea-Bissau. Thank You that religious freedom reigns and though the evangelical church is small, only 1.1% of the population, it has a great testimony and strong leaders. Use the Jesus film, Christian radio and the testimony of these Christians to multiply the church tenfold over the next decade. May Your Spirit hover over this land.

Great Shepherd, thank You so much for the strategic ministry of SAT-7; their vision is to help the church in the Middle East and North Africa grow in number and depth via this television ministry. Lord, this area of the world is so hard to reach for Jesus Christ; use this ministry to that end in a mighty way. May Your Spirit empower these efforts, protect those who serve, provide for them, guide the leadership and bless this ministry with harmony.

I pray for all those employed as secretaries. Help them to be efficient, honest and ethical. May those who know You live and actively share their faith as You open the doors.

Help me to be a peacemaker today, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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