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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
May 2
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind,

You are the One true God. The world claims many gods and many who do not know You claim that there is One Godóbut not necessarily You, the God of the Bible. We might agree that there is one Godóbut not necessarily the same God. Although we cannot understand all the mysteries of Your Tri-unity, we know that it is accurate to say that You are One; Yahweh our God is One Lord. And to the degree that we understand the teachings of Your Word, we believe in the true God. Help us to sharpen our understanding of Who You are so that we will "know Whom we have believed."

Lord, all around me are men, women and young people struggling with destructive substance abuses or other harmful addictions. Although it is great to be free from all addictions, some are definitely worse than others. And modern society with its dysfunctional families and high stress pressure makes a great hotbed to nurture these addictions. Help friends, family and possibly myself to learn to cope with life by walking more closely to You. Help them to believe that life can still be meaningful and livable, even without the addiction. Help us to know what to do to help our addicted friends and to recognize what we cannot do as well.

I pray for parents everywhere. Lord, parents are so important to those little ones entrusted to their care. May parents everywhere protect and train their children in humane and balanced ways. Help them to love their children, not to spoil them and to encourage them toward positive directions. We pray that Christian parents would prove to be consistent role models for their young ones. Help parents to give thought to childrearing in light of modern times; keep them from just repeating what previous generations did during simpler times. Please, Lord, help parents to get their heads out of the sand.

Lord, the nation of Iraq is a complicated one. Headlines every day demonstrate that this nation is having a challenge to rebuild itself. But thank You, Lord, for the flow of the Gospel into this land. Before the war, about one-tenth of one percent claimed to be born-again evangelicals. That seems to have grown since ministries have been allowed into the country. I pray that the Gospel would take a deep root there and I ask that You would help the believers to have unusual wisdom, boldness and be under the control of Your Spirit. O Lord, please do a mighty work in Iraq!

Thank You, Father, for the ministry of World Help, a mission that "was founded in 1991 as a...nondenominational Christian organization to help as many desperate people as possible through humanitarian aid, child sponsorship, Bible distribution and church planting." Lord, help them to be effective in fulfilling what You have called them to do. Give them wisdom, harmony amongst themselves, provide for their needs, protect them and empower them by Your Holy Spirit.

Help me walk with You today, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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