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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
May 3
by Ed Vasicek


You are the Most High God. You are not merely above us nor do You share Your status. You are truly above all; none are higher than You. No one outranks You; no one matches Your rank. You alone, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are the Most High God. Although the evil one is powerful, he is far from at parity with You. As the hymnist put it, “one little word will fell him.” There is no competition. The difference between a single cell creature and a mortal man is great, but the difference between You, O Lord, and any created being is greater! Indeed, how can anyone who is finite be compared with You Who are infinite!

Father, as a sinful human being, I sometimes need to apologize to others. Help me not excuse my wrongs, or predicate my apologies based upon how others wronged me. Help me to ask for forgiveness by taking full responsibility for my actions and isolating them from the behavior of others. Help me utter those words, “I was wrong; please forgive me.”

Lord, I know that I have not because I ask not. Please, Lord meet the following needs and requests according to Your perfect will: __________.

Lord, troubled marriages are all around me. Often I am not aware of that. A friend at work, a neighbor, a relative. A mom with young children feels trapped and the couple could use some time away with her husband, but no family is near or there are no trusted friends to watch the children; finances are tight and the tensions high. A man or woman was reared in a messed up family and the baggage they bring into their marriage is destroying it. Long work hours, addictions, anger, violence and immorality—people all around us are struggling. Help us to be supportive in every way and help the marriages around me to get stronger especially within my church family.

I pray for the nation of the Ivory Coast. Once considered a safe base for missions, the Ivory Coast has become more turbulent. Lord, grant stability and continued religious freedom in this land. Help the Christians there to take charge of the church, to be strong and to multiply the number of believers in that land. Use the trauma of war and disunity to drive people to You and as things settle down may the church be more mature and stronger than ever.

I pray for World Relief, an organization that “works with local evangelical churches to bring relief to suffering people in the name of Christ. Together, World Relief and partner churches are saving lives and restoring hope through ministries that address poverty, disease, hunger, persecution and the effects of war and disasters.” Thank You that they seek to “meet suffering people's physical, emotional and spiritual needs—showing them that the Church cares because Jesus loves them.” O, God, provide for this ministry. Give them what they need to get the job done, the wisdom to do the job and the power of the Holy Spirit to bear fruit. Help them get along with one another and bless this work, I ask.

Now, Lord, help me be active for You today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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