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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
May 24
by Ed Vasicek


Your Son, our Savior, is "God's Mystery" (Colossians 2:2). Jesus Christ, the God-man, is reconciling people to God and bringing both believing Jews and believing gentiles into one common body. Although this aspect of the Messiah's person and work was implied in Old Testament times, it was not nearly as clear as it is under the New Covenant. Jesus Christ has been revealed to be the great Reconciler.

Lord, make me a person of discernment, discerning even myself. Help me remember that my emotions are not necessarily the result of reality but rather my interpretation of reality. I can interpret the actions of others in the best personal light, or in the worst personal light, or somewhere between the two. My personal chemistry, the stresses of life, or even levels of sleep affect how I interpret things. Help me to distinguish between fact and impression, event and interpretation of event. Give me a love for truth.

Lord, I have requests to bring before Your throne today. Please intervene for the following needs, wishes and wants: __________.

Father, the qualities of faith, hope and love measure my maturity. Help me to grow in all three of these. Even though I acknowledge that love is the greatest of these, they are all three crucial and non-negotiable. Help me to produce works of faith, labors of love and to exemplify the steadfastness of hope (1 Thessalonians 1:3). You want Your children to be known by their love and I want to be faithful to that calling.

Lord, I pray for the North African nation of Libya. There are no opportunities in this land for open evangelism and only .3% of the population falls under the category of born-again evangelical. Secret police monitor to make sure evangelism does not occur and almost all of the Christians in the land are foreigners. O Lord, use radio, literature and Internet access to reach Libyans for Jesus Christ. May the number of Christians grow by twenty times over the next decade and may true religious freedom reign in this land. Hover over Libya, O Holy Spirit!

Thank You for Christian Missionary Fellowship whose purpose is "to evangelize the non-Christian people of the world." Today, CMF missionaries are seeking to keep up with modern challenges: "globalization, urbanization and the tremendous worldwide growth in the numbers of young people all present opportunities for ministry—opportunities for visions of ever-improving ways to draw people into relationship with Christ and His Church. Another challenge is sharing the Gospel in countries considered closed and among people considered unreceptive. But wherever the unreached are, CMF wants to be there...whether as church planters, counselors, teachers, or entrepreneurs...our team members will be deeply involved in sharing their faith and establishing groups of believers." Yes, Lord, I say, "Amen—may it be so." Provide for them, protect them, grant them unity and harmony and may Your Spirit prosper their efforts. May You be glorified through them.

Now, today Lord, may You be glorified in my life, I ask in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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