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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
July 3
by Ed Vasicek

Ever-present Lord,

You are the God Who delivered Daniel from the Lion's Den. You worked a miracle and closed the mouths of those hungry lions. Yet on the other hand, lions in the Roman Coliseum killed many faithful Christians. You are the God Who can deliver, but You do not always choose to do so (Hebrews 11:32-38). And so, Lord, we trust You and Your power, but we also acknowledge that Your ways are higher than ours, for we cannot reduce You down to a formula. And we ask, not command; we request, not demand; we can plead our case, but we do not always understand Your long-term purpose.

Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________.

Father, many couples struggle with their marriages. Lord, help struggling couples to endure, to address problems as they arise and to humble themselves before You. Help wives to accept the nature of men and men the nature of their wives. Help individuals to repent of the sins that create problems and help each one to face his or her own sin, reminding each one that they cannot change their spouses, only themselves.

Father, I intercede for believers who are struggling with substance abuse, addictions, or other bad or undesirable habits. Some practices are wrong, even in moderation. Others are wrong in excess. Others are wrong only because they become enslaving. Help us all to put off our bad ways and replace them with positively constructive ways. Rather than steal, let us labor to give to those in need. Rather than gossip, let us praise. Instead of being drunk with wine, help us to be filled with Your Spirit. Help us replace the undesirable with the good—or at least the neutral.

Great God, only .3% of the Asian nation of Oman claim to be born-again evangelicals and most of those are foreigners who reside in Oman. The Muslim majority (over 92%) is largely unreached. Thank You for Christian radio broadcasts and the Internet which at least make it possible for many of these people to be exposed to the Gospel. Lord, use these means and othersto reach the Arab peoples of Oman, I ask. May Jesus Christ be exalted as many come to know Him. My prayer is that within a decade 2% of the population would know Jesus in a saving way. Please display Your Spirit’s regenerating power to this nation.

Lord, I pray for Great Commission Ministries which "plants and develops churches in the United States and overseas that both tell the story of Christ in the language of the emerging generation and foster Christian growth. [They] currently have a ministry presence on 44 U.S. campuses and in 23 countries. GCM mobilizes people in vocational ministry through [their] staffing program.... GCM sends missions to serve churches in Asia, Europe and Latin America and seeks to help believers become mission-minded, culturally aware Christians." Bless this work with fruit, keep them in tune with Your Word and Your Spirit and grant them harmony, I pray.

Help me keep my mind on You today, I ask in Messiah’s Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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