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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
July 21
by Ed Vasicek

O God,

Thank You for being a God Who loves me. You love mankind; You care about Your vast creation. But You also care about and know me. Jesus died for me. You know the number of hairs on my head. You know every thought I think before I think it. Yes, Lord, You are Lord of all, but You are also my Lord. You are a personal God who knows each of us personally. You feel with this, think with us, You experience life with us. You are so much a part of everything I do that I sometimes forget You are here with me. Remind me, Lord.

Today I pray for missionaries that my church or I support including: __________.

I remember my marriage (if I am married) and the marriages of my extended families, friends and church families. Lord, hold them together. Help married couples to lean upon you and to work hard at addressing problems and experiencing harmony. I also pray for those who are divorced, that You would help them to go forward with Your hand in theirs.

I pray for those who struggle with loneliness. Although solitude can be good, loneliness causes emotional pain. You created us for Yourself and for others; there is something missing in our lives if we do not fellowship with You and there is something missing if we do not get close to others. We can also feel lonely if we are close to others but separated by schedule or distance. Sometimes it is Your will for us to be lonely. Our Lord Jesus often felt lonely, so help me not blame myself as though loneliness were a sin. On the other hand, help me to determine to connect to others and shun taking the role of the passive victim.

Lord, the nation of Rwanda has been a real heartbreak. Thank You that over a fifth of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. But Lord, the horrible genocide in the 1990s has hurt the population horribly. Over a million died and some of the aggressors claimed to be Christians. Lord, such ethnic rivalry is a great tool of Satan and he used it skillfully in Rwanda. O Father, help the church and society to recover from this unimaginable trauma. It is still hard to believe this actually happened. Rwanda is also plagued with AIDS; over 11% of the population is affected. Lord, help the missionaries and church leaders as they try to pick up the pieces and rebuild this devastated land. Bring forth a pure church from the ashes of the past, I ask.

Lord, bless the work of North America Indian Ministries (NAIM), "a non-denominational faith mission focusing on Native people groups [working] in relationship with North American Indians in evangelization, discipleship and church planting. This association brings believers together in obedience to God's Word for fellowship, worship, teaching, prayer, baptism and the Lord's supper and as witnesses in outreach." Lord, prosper this mission with fruit, provision and safety. May Your Spirit empower the missionaries and help the Native American church to become strong and zealous.

Help me to be zealous for You today, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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