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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
July 27
by Ed Vasicek

Great One seated on the Throne above,

You reign in regal majesty. You never become weary or tired. You have no creaturely limitations, for You are the uncreated Creator. Yet, You enjoy giving strength to the weary and sustaining those who trust in You. You have taught us that when we are weak, then we are strong. For when we are weak, we depend upon Your strength.

Father, thank You that the Lord Jesus after dying once for all mankind and at one point in time ascended back into heaven never to die again. As the risen victor, He sits at Your right hand and prays for us and defends us against the devil's accusations.

Father, help my health to fare well. Health is such a precious gift, a gift we do not always appreciate unless it is taken away. So I thank You for the level of health that I now have and look forward to the time when my body is redeemed (Romans 8:23-24). Then, there will be no more sickness, no more glasses or dental work or vaccinations or ingrown toenails or colds or flus. No more arthritis, cancer, heart problems, diabetes, muscular diseases, dementia, or pneumonia or other human ailments. Thank You for the times You have healed in answer to prayer and thank You for teaching me, using me and leading me when You have chosen not to heal (Galatians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 12:10).

O, Lord, please help to the hurting, the emotionally wounded and the devastated. Strengthen those stung by disappointment, encourage the demoralized and bind up the emotionally wounded. Especially help: __________.

Father, I pray for the 20 million people in the Indian province of Haryana, one of India’s least-evangelized states. According to Operation World, "only 15 of the 92 people groups are known to have any congregations of believers.... There were a total of 265 Christian workers in Haryana in 1998. There are now 15 Christian training institutions in the state." Only .06% are Protestant, mostly evangelical. O God, the Gospel has barely touched this province. May Your Spirit raise up men, women and young people in increasing numbers. Lord, I pray that 1% of the population might come to know You within the next decade.

Lord, thank You for Servant Group International (SGI), “a Christian organization serving among Middle Eastern communities. SGI works to strengthen the development of all aspects of traditional Middle Eastern society, particularly the institutions of education and family. SGI works closely with local churches in the Middle East. Work has been difficult and dangerous at times, yet...SGI has been privileged to assist with the growth of fellowships in several cities and with the associated programs of those churches including radio stations, printing presses and bookstores. SGI field staff provide critical support, with activities ranging from discipleship training for church leaders to oversight of Christian Classical Schools enrolling hundreds of local students.” Father, use this ministry. Provide them with safety, provision, the power of Your Spirit and great fruit for their labor, I pray.

Help me to walk closely with You today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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