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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
August 2
by Ed Vasicek

Dear God,

You are spirit; You do not have a physical form. You are everywhere and cannot be restricted to a body. Even though You are spirit, You created both the physical and the spiritual and You called it all good. When sin infected the cosmos, it affected both the physical and spiritual realms. Through His death, Jesus provided a spiritual redemption (realized when we believe) and a physical redemption (realized when Christ returns).

Because You are spirit and not limited to body, any form of idolatry is offensive to You. You will not be misrepresented as though You could be localized or controlled. Even though You are spirit, You describe Your feelings, plans, or power in human terms, using human language so we can relate to You. You condescend to us. You even use examples of the animal kingdom to represent your perspective. For example, Your Word mentions finding shelter under Your wings (Ruth 2:12).

My heart is heavy for those struggling with substance abuse. Not only do such persons find themselves enslaved, but also their behavior affects other people. Lord, this epidemic of substance abuse is defiling so many minds of men, women and young people created in Your image. The mind is such a beautiful thing but it is also central to our being. People mess up their minds, mess up their lives and mess up the lives of those close to them. Father, I don't have an easy answer, but I pray You would work among those I know who have abuse problems. I may be aware of some situations while others might be hidden from me. And, please Lord, I know we are all vulnerable. Keep me from being enslaved, I ask.

Today I pray for the Asian nation of Singapore, a very wealthy nation with a high standard of living. I praise Your Name that 7.8% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Although church growth has slowed somewhat, the church is still growing and becoming more missions-minded. O Lord, please continue the wonderful work that You have started. May Singapore become a lighthouse for that part of the world. May the percentage of believers double over the next decade and may young people turn to Christ in droves, I ask.

Thank You for the great impact of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), "an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus Christ, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task and to training and equipping believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As citizens of God's Kingdom [believers] are called to love, worship and obey our Lord, to love and serve His Body, the Church and to present the whole Gospel for the whole man throughout the whole world. YWAM is broad-structured and decentralized with operating locations linked together by relationship, shared values, accountability to international leadership and a commitment to world evangelization." O Lord, continue to bless this vital ministry! Grant them workers harmony, the power of Your Spirit, provision, protection, great wisdom and fruit for their labor, I pray.

Guide me with Your wisdom today, I request in the Messiah's Name. Amen.

Pastor Ed

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