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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
August 13
by Ed Vasicek

Almighty Father,

Thank You that You are completely free from outside pressures. The limitations of humanity and being created pressure me toward certain decisions or behaviors. Society pressures me. Sometimes the pressure is positive and helps me conform to what is right; sometimes it is negative and tempts me toward what is wrong. But You, O Lord, are independent. No one or nothing outside of Your being can force You or coerce You to change Your mind. That is why, when I pray, I ask; I dare not demand. That is also why I ask "according to Your will." It is not that I think You cannot deliver, but rather that I am aware that You are God and I am not! In Gethsemane, even Jesus prayed for Your will over His own leaving a vivid example.

Lord, help me trust You with my very life. In life, I have experienced many disappointments. People have lied to me, made promises they failed to keep, or let me down when I needed them. In addition, I have sometimes felt let down in the Christian life. I have at times doubted Your goodness or Your concern for me or Your ability or willingness to meet my needs. I have also confused my needs with my wants. I recognized that the problem is with me, not You. And I know Your ways are higher than mine.

On the other end of things, You have often given me more than I asked for. You have blessed me so greatly that I have come to assume my blessings and forget Your hand that brought them to me. I have become spoiled, accustomed to Your gracious provision. When all is said and done, I must say I am confused. I only know this: that You will accomplish Your purposes for me and that the obvious path is not always the path You have for me. It is, after all, first and foremost about You, not me. Yet as Your servant, You watch out for and provide for me. Thank You, Lord!

Father, I continue in prayer for China. I have been praying for some of the provinces there and I remember the Henan Province with its 95 million people. Thank You that perhaps 10% of the population in this area know You; please multiply the believers and stop the government persecution, I ask.

Lord, I pray for China Ministries International, Inc., a ministry "dedicated to the evangelization of the Chinese people particularly those living in Mainland China and to the building up of the Chinese Church. CMI conduct a number of programs, including the Christianity and China Research Center (CCRC) which conducts ongoing research. CMI produce a number of publications aimed at informing believers worldwide about the situation of the Church in China and to stimulate prayer. In addition, CMI recruits Chinese pastors, elders and deacons from overseas who can go to China to give 2 to 3 weeks of Biblical teaching...[and] equips Chinese evangelists and pastors through radio broadcasts, literature and training programs." O Father, You are working mightily in China. Use this ministry to further Your kingdom. Provide, protect and empower, I ask.

O Lord, lead me into Your perfect will for this day. I submit to You in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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