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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
August 15
by Ed Vasicek

Mighty God,

Thank You for Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah. He did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it. Thus Biblical Christianity is rooted in the Old Testament. We believe in One God Who created heaven and earth. We believe that when the first man fell into sin, all creation was cursed. We believe in the promised Messiah Who would be called The Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6), Who existed from eternity past (Micah 5:2), Who would be rejected by His own people, die as a sacrifice for sin, would die among the wicked but be buried in a rich man’s tomb and after dying, see the light of life through His resurrection (Isaiah 53). His death would justify us and satisfy the Father.

Even though there are false Messiahs being preached and false Gospels, the true Gospel has complete continuity with the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures. What I believe can be connected backward to the very beginning of creation.

Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________.

First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God.).

Lord, help me to be a compassionate listener. Keep me from interrupting or offering solutions when another simply wants me to listen. I can offer my advice afterward or at a later time if it is wanted. Help me to listen to others as an act of Christian love.

Help me to know how to have good clean fun. Help me remember that You have given to me all things richly to enjoy, and that there is a time to laugh. Yet not all forms of fun are wholesome, so let me use discernment and balance.

Lord, today I pray for the Asian nation of Sri Lanka with its 19 million people. Thank You that 1.5% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Although this is a relatively small percentage, it has grown from .36% since 1980, thus the percentage of believers has grown 500%. At the same time, liberal Protestantism has greatly declined. Buddhist majorities have sometimes persecuted Christians. Father, may such persecution stop. O Lord, keep the church growing at the same or higher rate, I pray. May those in the unreached people groups be reached, I ask. May the Gospel permeate this society and may You grant many the repentance that leads to eternal life.

I pray for Christ For India which “exists to fulfill Christ's Great Commission to India by training nationals as pastors and evangelists, establishing native churches, providing humanitarian aid, educating India's future leadership.” O Lord, provide, protect, empower and grant harmony to this ministry. May the workers bear much fruit for Your glory, O Jesus.

Bless those who work as architectural and civil drafters. May they do their work well, design projects with safety in mind and may those who know You testify of Your goodness.

Help me to bless Your Name today, I request in the Name of the Savior, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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