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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
September 28
by Ed Vasicek


You are good. You have redeemed me and I am proud to let others know that. You have satisfied my thirsty soul and You have given me of Your Spirit Who produces a never-ending fountain of living waters.

Lord, the frightening times of life remind us how puny and vulnerable we are. Near brushes in car accidents and a host of potential dangers sometimes alert us to our precarious position. At times like that, we remember how badly we need Your hand of safety to protect us. O Lord, please send angels to watch over us and keep us from all harm and evil.

So I praise You, O Lord, for You are my Constant Companion, the Pillar of my life. Make my heart steadfast and help me to praise You, O Lord, for You are worthy of all the praise I can give You. My praises will flow for eternity and even then they will not touch the tip of the iceberg!

Lord, I crave Your wisdom. Your Word declares, "Wisdom strengthens a wise man more than ten rulers who are in a city" (Ecclesiastes 7:19). May I grow in wisdom from day to day until wisdom characterizes my life. Help me be impatient when I show lack of discretion, planning, or realism. May I not rest until I am characterized by wisdom.

Father, help me to remind myself that Jesus Christ is my Lord; I am not my own lord. Jesus said, "A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave above his master." Jesus is both my teacher and my master. Help me consult with Him before I make any major life decision. Although You generally want me to follow the way of wisdom, sometimes You have plans that common wisdom cannot foresee.

Lord, I am thankful for plenty of things. You have been good. Two of the things for which I am thankful include: __________.

Lord, may Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me this day.

Lord, today I remember the nations in which believers are persecuted, facing death, dismemberment, torture, rape, sexual abuse, imprisonment, slavery, or confiscation of goods. Today I pray for nations 31-35 from the list of the top 86 nations where persecution is a problem. I pray for: United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, Chechnya, Kuwait and Tajikistan. O Father, may these countries become enlightened in the realm of human dignity and God-given rights including the right all have to choose and practice their religious convictions. May the persecutors themselves be won to faith in Christ, may the governments mandate and enforce the recognition of true religious freedom and help believers by granting them an extra portion of wisdom. Help them to evade persecution when possible and help them to find their strength in You when they cannot do so.

Thank You, Lord, for the ministry of Joy in the Harvest, "a Christian mission dedicated to serving Christ in Africa...whose motto is 'so that they may know Jesus.'" Their stated purpose is "to provide expertise and resources needed by the church in Africa for making Christian disciples." Bless them as they work in various parts of Africa in conjunction with national workers. Prosper their work, provide, protect, grant harmony and much fruit, I pray.

Protect me today, I ask in Jesusí Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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