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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 3
by Ed Vasicek


You are the God of Power. When You consciously will something, You effectively accomplish it. We can lift many things, but we have to move our bodies, stoop down and exert energy to lift. You merely think the thought and it is so. In a way, we can understand Your power. We can imagine things and create things in our minds, but they do not materialize. You imagine and what You imagine comes into being. Thank You for imagination, for it helps us comprehend what little we can understand about You.

You are unlimited in Your power, but You often choose to use indirect means to create. For example, You created the earth and then You fashioned Adam from the dust and breathed into him the breath of life. You formed Eve from his rib and all of us are formed from Adam and Eve�s genes. It doesn�t have to be that way; You could create each one of us individually, if so wished.

And so, Lord, You normally work through the routine of life. But in some cases, You work a miracle or answer a prayer because You are not bound by Your creation as though it were a higher law above even You.

Lord, I have some requests to bring before Your throne. They include: __________.

Father, please fortify marriages everywhere. I pray for my family, my extended family, my church family, my friends and acquaintances. Help them to take marriage seriously, to work hard at maintaining and improving their marriages and not to allow them to suffer from neglect. Lord, help them work out differences and help couples to seek to please one another. Stifle the attitudes of demanding and distancing, I pray.

Lord, I pray for the Middle Eastern nation of the United Arab Emirates. Lord, this small nation of less than 3 million people has less than one percent (.8%) who claim to be born-again evangelicals and Christians are commonly arrested if they try to witness. Father, use television, radio, the Jesus Film, dreams and literature to reach many more for Christ. Please double the percentage of believers within the next five years and help the Christians to be strong and wise. Change the political climate so that believers are free to witness without persecution, I pray.

Lord, thank You for Mexican Medical Ministries, "an interdenominational...organization...dedicated to providing low or no-cost health care to the people of Mexico in the Name of Jesus Christ. [They] believe part of the Great Commission is bringing healing and hope through medicine and the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ." Lord, bless their efforts. May they indeed be messengers of mercy who also share the good news of Jesus Christ. Provide, bring harmony, protect and empower them by Your Spirit, I ask.

Lord, I pray for executive secretaries and administrative assistants including church secretaries. Help all in these fields to work well and get along with others. Father, may those who know You shine and be noted as excellent workers with servants hearts. Use them to win many to Christ, I pray.

Help me serve You this day, in the Savior�s Name I ask it, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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