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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 9
by Ed Vasicek

Gracious Lord,

Thank You that You have a will. You are not some sort of cosmic machine or impersonal force. You feel, You think and You have a will. You are a personal God and part of personality is the ability to decide—having a will.

Since You are independent of Your creation, creation exists as a choice of Your will. If You had all power and all wisdom but no will, You could do nothing with that power or wisdom. You could not have created, could not have redeemed, indeed, could not answer prayer.

Because Your will is perfect, we gladly submit all our requests to Your will. Our wills are imperfect. Even after being redeemed, we are tainted by sin as long as we have our old sinful natures. It is only when we see Jesus that we will lose our sinful bent. In the meantime, O Lord, help us submit our wills to Yours.

Thank You, Lord, that I too need others to be happy and fulfilled. Sometimes I feel lonely and alone; help me not to cower in a corner, but help me to jump into my church, neighborhood and community. You made me social, just as You are social. Help me nurture that part of my being and not stifle it in fear.

Help me remember that our church is a body and that I have a part to play. Help me to be forbearing, to confront when necessary and not to be touchy. Help me maintain a realistic view about human nature even among the regenerate so that I do not hold false expectations that will leave me frustrated.

Lord, I pray that You would protect my loved ones and I throughout our lives. Send guardian angels to watch over us, I pray. Keep us from harm and evil of all kinds.

Lord, I have some requests to bring before Your throne. They are: __________.

Lord, I pray for the Indian State of Tamil Nadu with its 63 million people. Thank You that over 5% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals and that the church is growing rapidly. The growth, however, has not been even. Many groups have no Christian witness whatsoever, O Father, please keep working mightily in this region. Raise up a people for Your Name among all the areas in this State, I pray. May the number of believers triple over this next decade, I ask.

Father, thank You for Mission Training International, as they seek to train missionaries to adjust well and endure on the field. Thank You that more than 14,000 missionaries have been trained over the years. The focus upon character development and family issues "focusing on the heart issues that make or break those in missions." O Lord, bless their efforts. The percentage of missionaries who quit their work is high; Father, use this ministry to help conserve Your servants so that they might fulfill the tasks to which You have called them.

Now, Lord, fulfill Your purposes for my life, I pray in the Messiah's Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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