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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 13
by Ed Vasicek

My Father,

Thank You that You are an understanding God. You understand in that You are supportive and appreciate our situations. You understand in that You are perceptive. You are keenly aware of all things, events, results and feelings. You grasp every situation and You discern even the thoughts, motives and intentions of our hearts completely. Indeed, all things are laid bare before You. There is no reality You do not understand, no problem that perplexes You and no situation that confuses You. You are God, the One who completely understands all that was, is, or shall be.

Lord, help me to be an encourager. So many of my brothers and sisters in Christ need an uplifting word, a thank you, a "well done," an "I appreciate you." But do not limit my encouragement to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Help me never view the lost as unimportant or only mattering as far as the Gospel goes. May I be an encouragement and source of blessing even to lost family and friends whether they come to Christ or not. Help me never use people, or love people only because I have an agenda for them, as well intentioned as I might be. Help me to love them because they are people created in Your image, be they lost or saved.

Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today as I choose to draw near to God. Bind the evil one and control me by the Holy Spirit. Help me to be alert and of sound mind so that I might detect his schemes. Help me remember that if I resist him, he will flee from me. I take up Your armor, O Lord, including the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Lord, help parents everywhere. May Christian parents in particular invest a quantity of time with their children. Help parents to be kind but firm, to be able to say no when it is in the best interest of their children and to adjust to differences in children based upon personality, gender and stage of life. May parents exemplify a Christianity that works and may they lead their families in prayer on a daily or near daily basis.

Lord, I pray for the important Shanghai Municipality of China with its 15 million people. Thank You that perhaps 7% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals and thank You for the positive impact of the churches there despite sometimes intense persecution. O Lord, continue to use the Christians in this region. In Your good grace, double the percentage of people who know Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Lord, thank You for the ministry of Open Doors with Brother Andrew as they engage in: Bible delivery in closed nations, helping persecuted believers, publicizing the plight of those imprisoned for their faith and training believers in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. O Father, please bless this important work. Empower, protect, provide and grant harmony to those who minister, I ask.

Send angels to protect my loved ones and me, I pray in Yeshua's Name, Amen

Pastor Ed

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