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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 19
by Ed Vasicek

Lord Jesus,

You are my Ark of safety. At Calvary, You endured the deluge of Godís wrath, much like the Ark endured the waters gushing upward from the earth and the rains pouring down. Your baptism of wrath (Luke 12:50) saves us who are in You and safely protected. As those outside the Ark perished physically, so those outside Christ will perish spiritually. As those inside the Ark were safe as soon as they entered, so are we saved as soon as we personally accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for enduring the outpouring of wrath so that we could be delivered. I pray that my loved ones and friends would enter the Ark of salvation as I have by turning from sin and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for the elderly, sickly and shut-in including: __________.

Help me to be an alert Christian, Lord. I do not want to keep my head in the sand or deny undesirable realities. I need to understand how I am led into sin, how the devil tempts me and I need to have answers for the questions people are asking. Help me read, study and tool up as one of Your workers.

Father, I intercede for believers who are struggling with substance abuse, addictions, or other bad or undesirable habits. Some practices are wrong, even in moderation. Others are wrong in excess. Others are not wrong in themselves, but are wrong because they are enslaving. Help us all to put off our bad ways and replace them with positively constructive ways. Rather than steal, let us labor to give to those in need. Rather than gossip, let us praise. Instead of being drunk with wine, help us to be filled with Your Spirit. Help us replace the undesirable with the goodóor at least the neutral.

Lord, I pray for the Shanxi Province of China with its 32 million people. Although this area has suffered much repression, thank You that perhaps 3% of the population are born-again Christians. Lord, even during the Boxer Rebellion (which centered in this area), many of Your children were martyred. Lord, we pray for freedom and the working of Your Spirit. We ask that many would be granted the repentance that leads to life and that the percentage of believers would double over the next decade.

Lord, thank You for the work of Rafiki Mission whose "aim is to turn helpless children in Africa into godly contributors in their countries. Rafikiís goal is to establish one Christian training village" in ten African nations. "A Rafiki Training Village consists of 16 homes for 10 orphans each, schools for these orphans, three-year vocational training day schools for 60 vulnerable teenage girls and 60 boys, medical care for occupants and facilities for training select African church denominations to replicate." O Father, help this ministry to be successful and to make an impact for Christís Kingdom and for the betterment of these nations, I pray. Empower, provide and protect, I ask.

Help me honor You, my Lord, throughout my day, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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