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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 20
by Ed Vasicek

My Master,

Your arm is a mighty arm indeed! Not that You have a physical arm with biceps and triceps. The Biblical term, “Your arm” refers to Your mighty power against which none can even hope to stand.

When You roll up Your sleeves to accomplish something, Your arm is determined to accomplish Your purpose. Your arm represents Your power to destroy, defeat, or accomplish. Because of Your mighty arm, You can deliver Your children. Your arm’s power is a miraculous power. The power of the universe combined is negligible compared to Your mighty arm.

Thank You that You have chosen to reveal to me one of the most powerful things accomplished by Your mighty arm: my redemption of sin through the sacrifice of the Messiah. Your mighty arm has not been revealed to all, but it has been to me (Isaiah 53:1).

Lord, You are not the God Who leaves us as spiritual orphans. When You regenerated us—caused us to be born again with the result that we are now saved—You also gave us Your Spirit! You are the God Who is out to finish what He started. Thank You that You are leading us toward spiritual maturity.

Lord, help me not to be a sensitive, touchy person. Neither allow me to have a hard heart. Instead help me to evaluate corrections and sincere criticism without punishing those who expose my weak points. Help me to be teachable not touchy; eager to grow, not defensive.

Today I remember families who are struggling, perhaps even my own. Lord, it is sometimes hard to get along. Sometimes some family members may not want to do Your will; at other times we may disagree as to what that will is. Please, Lord, bring peace and harmony to my family and the families of my friends at church, other friends and relatives. Help our homes become places of refuge not hotbeds of stress.

Lord, thank You for what You have done in the nation of Venezuela. Although recent politics threaten freedom, You have been working mightily in this nation of over 25 million people! Thank You that over 10 percent of the population identify themselves as evangelical Christians. Thank You for working mightily in this land. I pray that the Gospel would spread like wildfire and that the percentage of believers would double over this next decade. Help the church to grow in depth as well, I ask. Protect Your children, I pray.

O Lord, bless Reciprocal Ministries International which "is a ministry dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through establishing, developing and promoting all aspects of church ministry and missionary activity in the Third World. RMI is the layperson's mission. Its sister church program links churches cross-culturally and helps build relationships that are reciprocal, intimate, in-depth, ongoing, practical and spiritual." O Father, bless and use this work to nurture believers and spread Your Kingdom, I ask.

I pray for those who work as heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers. Keep them safe, help them do quality work and to treat clients well. Provide for them and may those who know You freely share their faith by both word and deed, I ask.

Help me bring the joy of Jesus to others today, I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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