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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 25
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Lord Jesus,

I praise You for Your majesty. You are the majestic King of the Universe. Your power is without bounds, for You have all power and authority. You are God incarnate. You therefore love the truth and hate error.

And yet Lord, when You came the first time, You came with weakness as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world. When You come the second time, when You return to reign, You will come as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. You will judge the peoples with equity, but rule with an iron fist, as Psalm 2 describes. Lord, thank You that I have chosen to flee from Your wrath and to find Your mercy and grace. My heart aches for those who do not make such a choice.

First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart. (Pause to admit them to God.)

Lord, I thank You for the New Covenant. The symbol of the covenant You made with all mankind, the Covenant of Noah, is the rainbow. The symbol of the New Covenant is the bread and the cup that picture the broken body of Jesus Christ and His blood, shed for the remission of my sins. Every time I look back to Calvary by remembering the price of my redemption, help me to dedicate myself afresh to serve You, I pray. Keep Communion from becoming a meaningless ritual, I ask.

Lord, I pray for the people who attend the church I attend who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Some people think they are Christians because they attend church; others believe they are Christians because they were raised in a Christian family, others, because they were baptized in some manner. Help such people to understand that salvation is a free gift (Romans 6:23), not earned or deserved but received by faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) because Christ died for us (Romans 5:8) and rose again (Romans 10:9-13).

Father, when I am behind the steering wheel, help me to drive as a Christian should: with reasonable caution, alertness and obeying the laws. Protect my loved ones and me, I pray.

Today I pray for my city, town, county, or region—the most local level of government in my area. O Father, may many in my area come to know Christ, to follow Him and to walk closely with Him! May my local government officials be free from corruption and not hostile toward the Gospel. Protect the local law enforcement agencies and also protect the local firefighters. Thank You for the important services they offer.

Lord, thank You for Servant Partners which "works with agencies all over the world to develop and encourage holistic church plants among the urban poor. This endeavor involves a wide array of strategies including micro-enterprise loans, leadership development and women's ministries to name a few." O God, provide, protect, prosper, empower, grant harmony to and use this ministry to Your glory, I ask.

Help me to demonstrate the joy of serving Jesus today, I ask in His Name, Amen

Pastor Ed

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