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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
October 31
by Ed Vasicek

Lord of Hosts,

You truly are the Lord of hosts—the multitude of the heavenly army. This vast force—angels, cherubim and seraphim—is at Your command. We cannot imagine their number, their design, or their work. But they exist to glorify You and to serve You. Help me to do the same, I ask. You are worthy of all my efforts, all my praise, all my attention. Those who have gone before me—your children who are now in glory—are no longer fighting battles. But they have joined the heavenly host in praising and worshipping You. So I too will praise You forever.

Thank You, Lord, that there is solidarity within Your body. Your church is made up of all genuinely born-again believers in Jesus Christ regardless of denomination. Although we acknowledge that You have Your children within many congregations, we particularly pray that You would lead them into congregations that sincerely teach the Word of God and seek to implement its directives. Help Your children know the difference between religion and the teachings of the Word of God.

Help me, Lord, to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. May I be a blessing to my church, my pastor and my friends. Keep me from instigating problems, from gossip, slander and disrespect for those in authority. When I disagree, help me to disagree agreeably.

Lord, today I especially remember those looking for a job. Open doors of opportunity and match the right person to the right job. Especially help those who work with integrity and have good character to find employment.

Also, dear Father, help me to handle my finances well. Guide me when it comes to saving, giving and help me know when to say no. Help me control my money under Your guidance; please do not let money control me.

Lord, today I pray for the Tianjin Municipality of China with its nearly 10 million people. Because this area is near Beijing, the authorities are especially strict. Perhaps .4% of the population would be made up of born-again evangelicals. O Lord, please work within the governing authorities to ease up on the restrictions in this area. May the church multiply and triple over the next decade, I ask. Grant many the repentance that leads to life.

Father, please bless the efforts of VELA Ministries, "a Latin American evangelistic ministry centered on leadership development and evangelism. VELA is blessed to be doing ministry throughout Latin America in partnership with organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Global Action as well as with local churches all over the USA, Canada and Mexico." O Father, grant this ministry a mighty harvest for Your kingdom. Provide, protect, empower, grant harmony and prosper this work, I pray.

I pray for those who work as licensed practical and vocational nurses. May those who know You shine in their character and compassion. Help them to share the Gospel with those who are interested, including patients, peers and staff members.

Help me to live out my convictions today, I request in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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