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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
November 5
by Ed Vasicek

O God,

You are the Ancient of Days. You, O Lord, not only go back to the beginning of all things, but You go back before all things. There was a time when there was no time, yet You were there. As we learned in geometry, we are like a ray; we have a starting point and go on eternally, but You are like a line, eternal in both directions. You are the Ancient of Days and this implies You have an eternal wisdom, too.

Yes, my past carries some negative memories, but it carries some pleasant ones as well. I can be tempted to live in the past. My past carries some pleasant memories as well. Help me not to glamorize the past (Ecclesiastes 7:16), but to remember that You are always active in my life. Although there are things about the past that I love to remember, help me to press forward to the goal You have set for me (Philippians 3:13). The best days are ahead (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I accept responsibility for my sins and freely bring the sins Your Spirit brings to my mind now: __________.

Help me, Lord, to be assertiveóto be able to ask for what I wantóbut to avoid being demanding. Help me obey the Golden Rule when it comes to making requests, to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Lord, today I remember that nation that is especially near and dear to Your heart, the nation of Israel. Your Word reveals that Your determination to bless Israel remains firm (Jeremiah 31:36-37, Romans 11:29). Yet few of the children of Israel know Jesus, Yeshua, as Messiah. Thank You that the number of believing Jews (Messianic Jews) has increased from 200 to 7,000 within Israel, yet only two-tenths of one percent of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. I look forward to the time when the nation of Israel will turn to Christ in droves (Zechariah 12:10), but I pray that many would come to know You before those times. I also pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

O God, thank You for the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators, the largest mission organization of the evangelical church. "Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA is part of an international association of Wycliffe organizations dedicated to seeing God's Word become accessible to all people in the language that speaks to their heart. In its 70-year history, Wycliffe has been involved in more than 600 translations, representing greater than 77 million people. Today Wycliffe consists of more than 6,000 personnel working in partnership with expatriates and nationals worldwide." O Lord, please bless this crucial ministry. Help them to start projects to get Godís Word into the native language of everyone on earth by 2025, as they are so aiming. Provide for them, protect them, empower them, grant them harmony and use them mightily, I ask.

Use me to show the love to Christ to someone today, I pray in Messiahís Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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