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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
November 11
by Ed Vasicek

Gracious and Good God,

Thank You for the many blessings of life. Thank You for providing me with the depth that comes from being reconciled to You. I am such a deeper person because I know Jesus. I sometimes wonder where I would be without You, Lord. How different my life would be.

So Lord, I praise You as the only One Who can truly fill that God-shaped vacuum within me. Even though I have this blessing now, I know the fit will be perfect in heaven. I will have no unfulfilled longings there. I will enjoy You in Your fullness.

But right now, Lord, I am on earth, a sinful mortal who has been redeemed. I am Your representative to a lost and dying world. Father, help me to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Do not let me get detoured with trying to police lost people. You did not call me to get lost people to act like Christians; You want me to reach them so that they become Christians first. O Father, the message from many pulpits is that we are to use our influence to get lost people to embrace our values. Such a mentality does not work. Instead, we need to expect those who know Christ to abide by Your will.

I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.

Omnipotent One, I pray for the nation of Kenya. Thank You for the religious freedom that reigns there and for the great response to the Gospel. Almost 36% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals, yet only 12% of the population attend church regularly. The problem of nominalism is growing, so Lord, please revive Your children there! Alongside this poor church attendance is the AIDS epidemic which infects about 14% of the population leaving many orphans as a consequence. O Lord, if Your people would walk with You, how many miseries would be averted!

Lord, I pray for those who are suffering from AIDS and other like diseases. Although many have received these sexually-transmitted diseases through sinful behavior not all have done so. Innocent children, faithful spouses, or those receiving blood transfusions, etc. have all been struck with these diseases. But even among those who have become infected through practices which are against Your revealed will, we know that all of us have sinned in varying ways and to varying degrees; when we turn from our sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ all our sins are forgiven. We pray, Lord, that all who suffer from such diseases will come to know Jesus. We pray that You would heal them according to Your will. If You choose not to heal them, give them better health and help them use their remaining days to serve You. Bless and guide those who serve these folks; thank You for their ministries of mercy and love. Help all Your children avoid immoral practices and help the rest of us not to look down upon those who have such a past.

Now, God use me to serve You this day, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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