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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
December 1
by Ed Vasicek


You are the Most High God. You do not live in houses made by human hands. Indeed, Heaven is Your throne. The earth is Your footstool. Although this is figurative language, it helps us imagine a little bit about how vast you are (Acts 7:48-49). Lord, You are not served by human hands as though You needed anything (Acts 17:25); all is from You, so how could we give You anything—it is all Yours to begin with?

Although You do not need us to serve You, thank You that You take pleasure in us as we serve You. As a Father does not need his five year old son to help paint a wall—but as he enjoys including him and cherishes his son's desire to be like his dad—so You, O Lord, cherish our efforts and take pleasure in us as we seek to be like You.

God, I pray for those of Your children who have social problems. Some suffer mental handicaps, others have social anxieties or severe introversion, while others have been traumatized or neglected, and now they have difficulty making friends or participating in society. Help those who know You to first find a social life within a solid church family; but may their social life not end there. Help them to make friends and participate in their community.

Father, thank You that our Savior understands sorrow, loneliness, rejection and even betrayal. He experienced them firsthand. He can therefore help us in our loneliness and rejection.

O God, money management can be a challenge, if not for me, than for others I know. O God, may Your children get a grip on their finances, I pray.

I pray for future generations, should Jesus tarry. I pray that today's church would plan for ministering in tomorrow's world. I pray that we would train a generation of leaders who can handle the challenges awaiting them in this complicated world of ours. I pray that You would help stabilize the moral fiber of modern society and that the masses would turn to You, O Lord. Help Your children to embrace the concept of absolute and objective truth.

I remember the nation of Japan in my prayers. O Father, this nation seems to be so resistant to the Gospel. Cults like Moonies and Mormons are growing faster than the evangelical church! Only four-tenths of one percent of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals, despite religious freedom. Only 10% of the population believes in a Personal God. The church has not really grown since 1960, but has barely held its own. O Father, break through with the power of Your Spirit, I pray!

Lord, bless the Institute for Bible Translation "whose main aim is translation and publication of the Bible in the languages of non-Slavic peoples living in Russia and other countries of the CIS. Some of these peoples number many millions, other languages have only a few thousand speakers." O Father, provide, protect and use this ministry to spread Your Word, I pray.

Use me to spread Your Word in my world, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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