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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
December 4
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Father,

Thank you that God the Son, Who later became Jesus the Messiah, has always been. He, along with the Holy Spirit, was with You from eternity past. He had no beginning. All creation came about through Him—without exception. He is the Light of the World. When He came down to earth that first Christmas, He came for a purpose: to save His people from their sins, as the angel told Joseph. But though He came to earth to visit the human race, most of His own people, the people of Israel, failed to recognize Him as the promised Messiah.

But many did and along with others from a variety of people groups, those Who received Him were given the status of "children of God." These true believers did not receive acceptance from God by their own efforts or decisions—no, Lord, You worked faith in their hearts; You gave them new birth.

And so as we progress into the Christmas season, help me reflect upon the wonder of the incarnation: that God became man! Lord, I thank You that I am among those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Your Word reveals Him!

Lord, I am thankful for many things. Two things that come to mind are: __________.

Lord, I pour myself out before You so that You may fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I find my hope in His power and dare not trust my own. May Your Spirit completely influence me today, I ask. Help me realize that nothing on earth can meet the hunger and longings of my heart; it is only in heaven that I will be completely satisfied. I agree—as far as ultimate longing goes—with the psalmist in Psalm 73:25, "Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you."

Lord, help my church be harmonious. May the leaders be firm when it comes to the clear teachings of Scripture and gracious about the not-so-clear matters. Keep antagonists, trouble-makers and those who resent authority away from our congregation. Help my church to be effective in evangelism, discipleship, loving one another and world missions.

Dear God, remind me that my obedience does not bring acceptance with You; You accept me in Christ. My obedience brings You pleasure and glorifies Your Name. My disobedience incites Your anger and brings You displeasure. Remind me that I exist to glorify You!

Father, I pray for the African nation of Mali. Most of the people there are Muslim. Thank You for the growth we saw in the 1980s, but things screeched to a halt in the 1990s. O Lord, we pray that future growth would surpass what happened in the 1980s.

Lord, bless the work of Voice of the Martyrs as they seek to: empower persecuted Christians, give relief, evangelize the persecutors, do projects of encouragement and inform the world about the problem of persecution. O God, protect, provide, empower and grant wisdom and success to this ministry, I beg, O Lord.

Empower me, protect me and provide for me this day, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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