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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
December 14
by Ed Vasicek


After the shepherds heard the good news of the birth of the Savior, they hurried to Bethlehem and found the stable where the baby Jesus lay. They knew that He was important, that salvation was important and that God was to be feared. O Lord, help me and those I love come to those same realizations. Help us not put off getting right with You by turning from our sins and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Indeed, common shepherds had much more sense than many of the highly esteemed and respected men of the day who rejected Jesus. Thank You that many highly intellectual people have received Jesus as Savior, but thank You that a prepared heart is more important than prestige in the eyes of the world. The humble shepherds believed while many of the religious leaders doubted.

But Mary pondered these things in her heart. She had already been through so much and she probably had a lot of unanswered questions and confusion in her mind. But she filed away those spiritual lessons and would take time later to contemplate them and catch up to what You were doing. So, Lord, I need to learn Your Word and doctrine even if I cannot see its immediate relevance to my life. Help me file Your Word away in my heart so that when I need it, it will be there.

I pray for my pastor, staff, church board leaders, officers and teachers. Help them to be true to the Bible and to put Your Word over their own personal agendas. Help them put their walk with You first, their families second and their ministries third. Do not allow others to intimidate them into neglecting their families and remind them: "the fear of man works a snare." Help them be most concerned about pleasing You while also seeking peace and harmony within the congregation. Put a hedge of protection around them, I ask.

Father, I have some personal health concerns including: __________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: __________.

Today I remember the nation of Mongolia. Though the country is massive in size, its population is under 3 million. Yet only one half of one percent claim to be born-again evangelicals. Yet in 1989, there were only 4 Christians in the land, while the number now might be approaching 10,000 and I praise You for that great growth! Unfortunately, cults are also growing. The nation is exceedingly poor with only a $390 annual income per person. Bless the various outreach attempts: literature, broadcasting, the Jesus film, etc. May Your Spirit hover over this land and may the church double over the next five years, I ask.

I remember Compassion International in my prayers. "Compassion International exists as an advocate for children releasing them from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults....Today, Compassion helps more than 728,800 children in more than 20 countries." So, Father, provide support and safety for the workers, sponsors for children and the blessings of Your Spirit. Help the workers to experience harmony with one another and may they have Your wisdom as they engage in working for Your Kingdom.

Help me remember Jesus Christ throughout my day, I ask in His Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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